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  1. May be my Problem can be solved here... i use an Intel DH67VR Mainboard with an Ivy Bridge I3 3225 CPU. Im running Sierra 10.12.5 with Clover 4077 and no DSDT. The only Problem is the HD4000. Only every 3 Boots the HD4000 works. Other time i get an Error in verbose Mode and no Acceleration. The HDMI Audio (with Audio Piker Alpha script on the fly Patch) then of course not working to. If the HD4000 works, i get some "SNBGraphic..." Errors and if the HD4000 not works, i get some "AppleIntelCapri... " Errors on Start in verbose Mode. Clover is on default settings, SMBIOS is MacMini 6,2 , only the Intel Inject with ID 0x166000A i have set. Is there a workaround with Clover or must i use a DSDT to fix it ? May be some Users has a Solution for me. Thanks ! EDIT: now i have made a dsdt, put the Patch from Rehabman into it and it works! Thank you RehabMan for this !!!
  2. Me to, no USB after Update to 10.6.8 . USB couldnt be loadet . Errors while starting about USB Kext. I´l try to take the USBFamily.kext from the iAtkos S3 V2 System.
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    GeForce 200 series support

    Have you connect the Card via DVI ? Connect it ONLY via VGA an try again. In my Case it worked . I use a Zotac GTS250 1024MB. Blank screen at all, until i connect it to vga Port solo. @ALL: In the End I use a dsdt.aml to work with my gts250 and my Mainboard. Is there a solution to use the DVI Port ?? Must i change the nvcap Values ?