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  1. What is InMac v1.1 10.6.5 ?

    Well... is any distro uses this method ? (the mac files + bootloader -> no installation) if yes, which one ? the installation method will probably be the same. Thx
  2. What is InMac v1.1 10.6.5 ?

    No one ever heard about it ?
  3. Hi, I just not succeeded to install OSx 10.6.5 on my PC, so i was looking for a new solution and i found InMac v1.1, it is available everywhere but no one even say a word about how to install it !! All informattions are that it is for installing Mac os 10.6.5 in usb ! And it's exactly what i want (Actually external hard drive). When i downloaded it, there is two dmg : one Boot : containing Chameleon RC4 and RC5 and another called InMac : containing Mac files, not the installation files. I tried to restore it a the thumb and and install chameleon two but doesn't work, kernel panic with the "CPU 0 called" stuff... even with x32 -v -f -x cpus=1 Any one knows something about this ? How to install it or if it really works? Thank you.
  4. upgrade from XxX to 10.6 ?

    oh my god !! There is a survivor, are you ok ?
  5. upgrade from XxX to 10.6 ?

    Day 5 : I read in New York times today that some university professors found my question in this forum and think that the answer can give to the humanity the keys of their existence, they propose an project to the government of usa to build a new laboratory in arizona to develop all the tools needed to resolve my ultimate question and push humanity to the next level. So wait and see. Tomorrow an other episode while waiting for a survivor to answer me.
  6. upgrade from XxX to 10.6 ?

    Day 4 : hmmm i am looking for a high school to learn all about MAC so that i come back and answer the Utimate Mac question (the one in the first topic), who knows maybe i will have a nobel price. But one thing is sur, i will continue to come back here every day so that the legend of my complicated question still alive. The adventure begins
  7. upgrade from XxX to 10.6 ?

    waw, is it so complicated ? The ultimate question about MAC that no one in the world can answer ?
  8. upgrade from XxX to 10.6 ?

    no one have an idea ? :mellow:
  9. Keyboard problem !

    lol no way, all the solutions requires to type stuff in terminal, but keyboard don't works XD i will buy a usb one thank you
  10. hi, I am a noob , i installed XxX 10.5.6 leopard in my intel PC, i made a researches on the forum to find if i will be able to upgrad to snow leopard, but there is many topics that each gives only a small part of the answer . I saw in youtube a video of a guy installing iPortable (10.6.2) on his hackintosh, is this possible ? Or is their a known method to upgrade to snow leopard ? I am a programmer and i'd like to develop a Free app for iphone just for fun, so i need the snow Leopard to install the last iphone SDK Thank you for the Excellent forum and community i was really surprised to find that mac os can run on PC, there will be fun ...
  11. Keyboard problem !

    Thanks i did what you said and i found a solution here http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=12990 but this doesn't work for me because after typing -x -s -v and access root command i can't type cuz keyboard doesn't work and i don't find other solutions ... Do you have an idea? Thank you
  12. Keyboard problem !

    Hi, After 10 days trying to install mac os my imedia2750 (desktop computer) and trying all distros, i finally got xXx Leo to work on my PC But after start, a screen asks to connect my keyboard, i think this is because i don't have usb keyboard, i tried to reinstall it again to look for a keyboard fix in the options but there is nothing about keybaord in xXx leo 10.5.6. Please, is there a way to fix this problem (the name of the fix in xXx 10.5.6 for example) or should i absolutly buy a usb keyboard (which means no mac os for today )? By the way, will i be able to upgrade to 10.6.x for example (using iportable or other stuff) ? Thank you