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  1. MitchMan

    HP G61 - Boot Problems

    bump again
  2. MitchMan

    HP G60-235DX WORKS!

    Do you know if this could work with an HP G61? If so, I'd like to try it.
  3. MitchMan

    HP G61 - Boot Problems

    No, because I'm unsure as to what to do in the first place. Hence this thread.
  4. MitchMan

    HP G61 - Boot Problems

  5. MitchMan

    HP G61 - Boot Problems

    Hello, everyone. Recently, I tried to install iDeneb 10.5.5 on my HP G61 laptop. However, when I try to boot it up, a black screen shows up, with an underscore (_) in the upper left-hand corner. Firstly, why is this? Secondly, is there a way around it/a way to fix it? Thanks.
  6. MitchMan

    The Ultimate Web Browser

    Firefox. 'Nuff said.
  7. MitchMan

    StarCraft II Beta Now on Mac!

    Sounds awesome. Now to get a copy.
  8. MitchMan

    Microsoft Windows 7 My Idea Ads

    Makes you wonder whose idea it was for Windows Vista. ...and XP...and 2000, and so on.
  9. MitchMan

    What Mouse Do You Have?

    Built-in mouse