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  1. [HELP] Lion on Asus N53SV

    Does the switching between the GT540m and the integrated gpu work?
  2. Does anyone have any experience or knows of anyone who got lion or sl working on this machine? All the topics i seem to find don't have any replies or have different specs, so I'll try my luck... It's the same as this one. If i ever get any free time I'll try iAtkos, but honestly I'd rather have the least of confirmation first...
  3. I used this tutorial, I'm not sure what version of chameleon I'm using, but I'll let you know as soon as get a chance to reboot. UPDATE: I'm using Chameleon 2.1 r1627 UPDATE 2: Nevermind, i guess my mobo is going awire, I switched to the second pcie slot and it's working fine...
  4. I wanted to update to 10.7.2 (curently on 10.7.1), but honestly, is it worth the trouble? Should i just update and run Recrendae? Is that enough? (my ati is working without anything extra)
  5. No1 had this problem? Could it be an issue with my DSDT? How can i edit it?
  6. My HD 5870 is only showing 8x PCiE, and it's connected to a 16x slot, It's also showing some lag while browsing inside steam. I haven't played any games yet, so i can't speak of the acceleration... Do I need a special Kext? I was under the impression that these Atis were natively supported since 10.6.5...