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  1. USB Drive Clone

    Tried with Super Duper too, NO SUCESS. Please I Need Help, I'm going crazy!
  2. USB Drive Clone

    I can't copy the bootloader again since I need a "apple store downloaded 10.9.5" to make it. It was downloaded in my old Mountain Lion but the disk was formatted... What I have now is a Clean Install of Mavericks 10.9.5 and a 16 gb rescue usb hdd that I need to put into the 8 gb.... I need to find a way to make a perfect clone...
  3. USB Drive Clone

    Hi everyone, I've copied the installation files to the wrong usb drive, a 16 gb drive, so I need to clone it to my 8 gb usb that I normally use as a recovery drive. I've used Carbon Copy with no success , tried a lot of times, following various methods, making 1 partition MBR in disk utility... Everything, no success, it can't boot. Need an advice. Thank you, Cristiano Keller
  4. Deactivate Speedstep

    dreadkopp, relative to coil whine, I've discovered that disabling C and P states, you get a partial silence, but if you disable EIST (Enhanced Intel Speed Step), you put your machine to a complete silence. In my case this is crucial, because I work with audio and there are not only coil whine going on when all these power managements are active, they also lead to a lot of noise (interference) in my external gear! i.e: Outboard synthesizers, audio cards, audio monitors (very annoying)... Other thing that worth say, is that audio and other real time processing works tends have rapid very high cpu demand and when the cpu is with power management like speedstep acting, it result in dropdawns, pops, audio crackle... So, "in my case", I need every CPU power management disabled. I don't know yet how it will affect power consumption in percentage, I'm wondering...
  5. Deactivate Speedstep

    Ok guys, case SOLVED! I've deactivated EIST, C and P states in BIOS and C and P in OSX plist too, it's all right now! My Audiohackstation is running silent and smooth! Thank you guys! You're the best! MacUser2525 your help was really appreciated thank you very much my friend.
  6. Deactivate Speedstep

    MacUser2525 yes thanks! Removing the C and P States strings stopped the coil whine. Everything is smoothly silent now. I've removed it from Bios before with no effect, so I can't believe that Bios settings affects the Mac OS. From my past experiences, turning off the Speedstep/EIS in Bios has some undesired effects in my Windows 7, it becomes a bit unstable. Normally, in Windows 7, I edit the Power Options > Advanced to "Minimum Processor State = 100%", this works good for me. There's no way to turn off Speedstep in a Mac without touching the BIOS? Allan, I use Noctua dual fans, they run silent and low RPM, but they are big. I've never got a CPU overheat issue, I also change the Thermal paste every year.
  7. Deactivate Speedstep

    Hi everyone, how do I disable Speedstep in my system? I'm with Mavericks, using ##### and DSDT. In my last Hackintosh, a Snow Leopard using myHack, I was not using DSDT, so there was a kext CPUNullPowerManagement.kext in my Extra folder. Now that I'm using DSDT I think I can't do that... The reasons to disable Speedstep are: My CPU i7 950 and MOBO GA-X58A-UD3R makes a lot of coil whine noise while speedstep is active, and also I use my system for audio production, so speedstep can cause related pops and overloads in most DAWs like Ableton Live or Logic. Anyway I'm loving Mavericks, I can transform it in a Snow Leopard or Mountain Lion quickly just changing the wallpaper Thank you!! Cristiano Keller
  8. Ruidos USB em meu estúdio.

    Nossa Maldon, n tem como ver nenhuma temperatura, é como se os sensores tivessem desativados...
  9. Ruidos USB em meu estúdio.

    Não sei, aquele programinha não roda! o smcK_Stat_i
  10. Ruidos USB em meu estúdio.

    Legal, algumas coisas como permissions e afins eu ainda ia aprender, obrigado por adiantar meu lado.. Mas olha, esse barulho que a fonte ta gerando aqui depois do Cstate n da pra aturar n, vc já ficou com um grilo dentro de um quarto? N tem como, ou vc mata o grilo ou vc morre. To quase matando essa fonte aqui o que que eu faço? Interessante que com o NullCPUPowerManagement eu desativava pela Bios sem problemas... Depois com a bios firmware FE a Gigabyte maldita acrescentou opções AUTO na C e na EIST... Provavelmente AUTO = DISABLED... Cara, sem noção essa Gigabyte!!!
  11. Ruidos USB em meu estúdio.

    A rotação descontrolada parou, parece que voltou ao normal. Mas aquele programinha que vc colocou no link o smcK-Stat-i n roda... preciso ver estas temperaturas é perigoso ajuda aí.. abraço
  12. Ruidos USB em meu estúdio.

    fiz o lance do FakeSMC e n quer bootar mais, fica na maçã, girando e nada...
  13. Ruidos USB em meu estúdio.

    Nossa, os programas que achei na net só conseguem achar o sensor de temperatura do HD que ta 42 graus C.] Daí saí pra Bios ela acusa 51 graus C no processador... Mas a fan ta girando sem sentido, acelerando e desacelerandoo tempo todo em idle.
  14. Ruidos USB em meu estúdio.

    qual programa uso pra ver a temperatura? o cpu fan ta girando forte aqui
  15. Ruidos USB em meu estúdio.

    Como que eu vejo pelo OSX n to achando, no meu Macbook Pro eu usava smcfancontrol... Porque eu preciso do Cstates? Se ele tiver abilitado fica um barulhão saindo da fonte, irritante mesmo.