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  1. For me, some how i cant seems to install the bootloader to the hard disk. the workaround that i have is by using empire efi disk image, and load it using easy bcd. luckily the new version have load disk image from hdd option, last time i'm using cd everytime i want to boot into my hackintosh. For those who are having issue on bootloader, give it a try, there always another way to boot your osx.
  2. I successfully dual boot my windows 7 and snow leopard. But there are some problem that i still dont know how to solve it. Currently i'm using empire EFI cd to boot the snow leopard. I tried to use chameleon boot loader but still having a problem with memory allocation error. But what i dont understand is empire EFI is based on chameleon R3, but when i install chameleon R3 on my boot, it still giving me error. i guess my plist is wrong somewhere. For now i have to make do with the cd method. Its a small price to pay for the mac in my machine. By the way, here is my spec: Acer aspire 4740G Intel Core i5 430M Nvidia 310M (i have to modify the kext in order to make it run. For those who are having a problem, try to update your plist with the proper device id and etc) Atheros wireless Intel HD audio (still cant make it run, i'll update once i able to make it run) For those who are still having a problem, keep on trying, maybe some solution is not applicable for you and you have to find another solution. I've been working on this for 2 weeks already and finally it paid off.