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  1. OK, go ahead and close this thread. I got El Capitan installed on my computer. I have my ethernet drivers installed and the Nvidia Webdrivers installed (even though I can't tell they're working. I still get graphical corruption until it's on the desktop). I also have Clover installed to the EFI partition and I can get to it from my boot menu. The current problem is that Clover isn't able to boot Mac when I run it from the hard drive. But I can still get to it from my USB drive. It probably has to do with either the boot options OR the config.plist. I'll keep playing with it. But the installation problems are over. Thanks C.Frio for your help. Hackman I also have to put my other 8 GB stick of RAM back in.
  2. Success! I'm 90% there. Changing to OsxAptioFix.drv wasn't it. That just gave me the same error that everyone else gets about "OsxAptioFixDrv: Error - requested memory exceeds out allocated relocation block" The main fix for that I could find was to switch back to the other OsxAptioFix2Drv. Instead, it was the plist. The second I put that on my usb drive, I could get all the way into the install routine. My problem now is that I'm planning on multibooting. Actually planning on going overboard and doing some quadbooting. But Osx does not like having Windows already on the disk. Disk Until isn't playing nice. Anyway, I'll probably close this later today. I just want to keep this open for a bit longer. I want to see if I can get the rest of the way through the install.
  3. Made a little bit of progress...in a way. So, I removed 1 8 GB stick of RAM from the computer and have 1 8GB stick left in it. Then, I disabled both virtualization options in the UEFI. To make a long story short, I switched USB 2 ports for the USB flash drive, used boot flags "-v -f" only and stopped using "GraphicsEnabler" and "nv_disable." I got back to the point where I got pretty far in the boot process. But then it froze and the text corrupted. And there was a circle with a slash in the center of the screen. The text was corrupted, but if I squint my eyes, it looks like the last line was that old root filesystem error. I tried adding "rootles=0" and "rootless=1" to it with no luck. So far, that's the most progress I've made. I remembered I had a different USB drive. The previous one I was using, *may" have been using tonymac tools. I prefer the insanelymac community and forums, but I was grasping at straws. So, the other, newer USB I had made last Monday to upgrade my girlfriend's actual macbook to EC. I figured since I had an EC install flash drive, I may as well try to use it for my desktop. So, I installed the lastest version of Clover to the flash drive. But that's working even worse than the previous USB drive. No matter what options I add or remove, I get that other error, Error allocating 0x11aff pages at 0x00000000056c1000 alloc type 2." But I'm back as getting pretty far in the boot process.
  4. Hello, I've been trying for several days to get El Capitan to install on my computer. Last payday, I upgraded my computer with a new Z170 motherboard, CPU and RAM. With a new board, I thought I'd go back to working on hackintosh. I've gotten my dell laptop installed with OSX, but I haven't gotten it to install on my desktop. Here's my current setup: MSI Z170A PC Mate (firmware A.90) Intel Core i5 6500 16GB Patriot RAM (2x8GB - DDR 4 2133) EVGA 750TI Patriot Ignite SSD (960 GB) Seagate 1.5 TB SATA HD Western Digital 2 TB SATA HD (all drives formatted GUID) And if I remember correctly, I've set in the UEFI Virtualization enabled, but VT-d disabled. I couldn't find anything on CSM, but I made sure I was UEFI only. I enabled XMP instead of the click BIOS (I think). I disabled legacy serial and parallel ports. I'm sorry if I gave too much/too little hw info. And I've been looking and haven't found anything any similar to my issue. When I first started trying, with my Nvidia card in the computer, I somehow got it to get almost to the install program. It went through the boot process. I was able to load Bluetooth (even though I don't have any bt on my computer). But just a couple lines about successful BT messages, the screen got corrupted and a circle in the center of the screen with a line through it. But the boot messages were still behind it, but corrupted. I squinted to try to read the last line. It *looks* like it's that old "unable to find root device" message, but I could be wrong. I later tried the "rootless=0" boot option, but that didn't help. I saw someone's post somewhere that said you want to start with only the onboard video, so I remove the 750TI, but that's where it went south. No matter what I do, I can only get a "Error allocating 0x11aff pages at 0x00000000056c1000 alloc type 2" message followed by "Couldn't allocate runtime area." I tried several combinations of the following boot options: dart=0 -v -f -x -s GraphicsEnabler=No (or Yes, didn't matter) nv_disable=1 cpus=1 Maybe some others. I vaguely remember from when I've done hackintosh before, the "npci=" option, but I'm not sure that would help. I've tried in clover to enable or disable the Intel injector (when I was using onboard video). I've tried manually setting the version as "10.11.1" or just "10.11." Tonight, I tried going back to using the 750TI because I got furthest with that, but now I'm just getting the Error allocating pages error. And I've tried 2 different USB drives. Does anyone have any idea? Thanks, Wackman
  5. wackman

    Samsung NP300e5e - Please help

    Thank you! That was a brilliant suggestion. I'm not quite there, but I think I've made some progress. Sorry for the delay, by the way. Things have been hectic. Tonight, I hooked my laptop hard drive up to my desktop. I was able to boot off my USB and install Mountain Lion onto the laptop's hard drive. For a few hours after that, I was struggling with different boot loaders (Chameleon and Clover) and can't get any of them to boot that partition (whether hooked up to desktop or laptop). By now, it's got a hybrid of the two on it. The next time I have a chance, I think I'm going to research cleaning both bootloaders off (I heard Clover is next to impossible to remove). What happens now is that (with -v) It seems to load all of the kexts, but then it crashes and gives me a scrollable window showing a bunch of messages. It shows loading my CPU and my RAM, including the manufacturers. Then at the end, it shows that it was unable to load 3 things (but I can't remember exactly what they are; the first one was something like GAM). At the end, I tried putting it back in the laptop to see if I had any better or worse luck there. I get the Clover boot screen showing me my Windows 8 partition and Mac partition. Mac did what I was talking about. But Windows gives a \boot\BCD error and wants me to fix startup. Ugh. I could probably fix that if I installed a UEFI bootloader like reFind or Grub, but I don't want to do that until my Mac part is fixed. I'll keep plugging away at it.
  6. wackman

    Samsung NP300e5e - Please help

    I tried to put Clover on my USB stick and it wouldn't boot. I couldn't even get clover to boot on it from CD (clover ISO). I just put Chimera on the USB and now I can boot and try out boot flags, but I'm back almost at square one. It doesn't seem to be stoping on ACPI, but it's crashing (rebooting) on a file that starts with System. It's right after all of the IO files. Tomorrow, I'll try some other boot loaders.
  7. wackman

    Samsung NP300e5e - Please help

    It didn't work on my laptop. The text was going to fast to be sure, but I think it crashed on an smb extension. I was able to get a good install on my desktop using that method, though. But I'll keep trying on the laptop. Maybe it's because I need to install Clover on the usb thumb drive.
  8. wackman

    Samsung NP300e5e - Please help

    Thanks. I just found that one within the last few days. The problem is that I don't have a working mac/hackintosh machine to make the USB. I finally got an install on my desktop working a little, so I'm going to try this right now. I'll report back.
  9. Hi everyone, I've been an InsanelyMac user for a few years, but this is my first post. Two weeks ago, I got this Samsung NP300e5e, but I can't get any form of OSX to boot. I've tried SL and ML. I've tried several boot options (any combination of -x, -f, -s, PCIRootUID=1 and 0, GraphicsEnabler=No and Yes, acpi=off). I mostly usehttp://www.insanelym...ort-tonymacx86/ Ivy. I can't even get to the installation screen. It always bombs out on "unable to load driver for this platform" when it tries to load ACPI. The BIOS is a Phoenix SecureCore BIOS. The laptop specs are: Core i3 3227U 4GB DDR3 (1600) 500GB HD 802.11 b/g/n I've tried to enable and disable Hyperthreading, UEFI, etc. No change. I'd prefer to get vanilla OSX to work, but I've also had no luck with a couple of distros (iatkos and Hazard). I've googled all over the place for this model and can find no tutorials around. Some people have had success with other NP300 models, so I wonder if it's this particular model or I'm doing something wrong. I've also tried to get something, anything installed on my desktop in a virtual machine (virtualbox or vmware) so I could get a working USB installer. That didn't work (the virtualbox install just froze on first boot). I downloaded premade USB image, but the USB won't boot on my laptop. My goal is to eventually get a triple boot of OSX, linux and Win8 (I'm avoiding using that until 8.1). I'm basically a noob, but I did get a working hackintosh install a few years back when I had my Asus netbook. Can anyone help? Thanks for anything you can shoot me. Wackman