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  1. I believe my problem to be because when i run the .pkg file initially on my friends macbook and try to install it to the usb stick, it hangs at around 90% it says writing package recepit. Why would this happen? My spec is i7 920 p6t deluxe v2 3gb 1066 ddr3 gts 250
  2. Hi, Iwould first like to say thanks for the guide, it has helped me alot but im having problems. I managed to install snow 10.6 yesterday through the the usb method, BUT after i run the .pkg and restart, I cant load uo snow leopard anymore , it just says you must restart everytime. I was wondering if someone could help me? Thanks
  3. hi all, im a newbie to both mac and mac osx86, but want to try it out so ive bought the snow leopard cd. I tried the usb flash drive installer method with my friends mac, but after mounting the snow leopard image to the usb, we were unable to install the .pkg file as it said that we were only able to install it to his macbooks hd. So instead i copied it to the usb and moved on, anyway when i try to boot the usb in my windows machine it just comes up with a blank screen and a flicker underscore in the top left of the screen. Sorry if this is really noobish and/or ive broken any rules by making this post. I was just wondering if someone could point me in the right direction? My pc spec is i7 920, asus p6t deluxe v2, 3gb ddr ram, gts 250 thanks for any advice