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  1. Wahoo!! After 2 days of flashing and re-installations, finally got full features on my HIS X1600XT dual DVI card after reading Ciber's initial post. Followed the instructions and booted up on the bootable ISO after burning it on a CDROM. Was not able to save the original BIOS as the CD is not writable. Proceeded and installed a thumb drive with the ATIFLASH utility and Sapphire BIOS on USB. Switch to the thumbdrive by typing C: and then save the original BIOS, then flash with shapphire BIOS and restart. Got full range of resolutions WITHOUT CI/QE on VGA/DVI adapter only. No signal if I connect direct on DVI port as I was on JAS 10.4.8. with Neopheus v3.5 installer. (Same results when graphic card flashed with ASUS X1600XT BIOS or MSI X1600XT BIOS) Flashed the graphic card again with the Shappire BIOS, moved my 10.4.8 system files to the trash and reinstalled JAs 10.4.7 with the x1600 driver ticked. Rebooted and everything now works, DVI CI Q/E sleep, the second DVI port not working though. With VGA/DVI adapter installed, sleep does not function.