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    Dell Inspiron 530

    Created the boot stick as per instructions and booted verbose. No issues with any kext, but when it gets to the /Extra/dsdt.aml file it bombs out. (last line hard to read, just says FADT: Using custom DSDT! ) It does not hang, but restarts immediately. I'm using the dsdt.aml from my snow leopard that had always worked (this was generated by the snow leopard install, Snowleopard Universal 3.5). I'm not sure where to go from here, open to any suggestions... I did try MacNB's version, but same result. dsdt.dsl.zip thanks.
  2. mellowboy

    Snow Leopard on Inspiron 530

    I've been following weeze's guide and it's gone well, I have snow leopard (I even copied my leo disk in my 530 onto a spare and upgraded it to snowleo) It doesn't boot by itself, but it does boot via Chameleon on the USB, and I get that step 12 should fix that. What I don't get is step 10... and I DO get a CMOS error.. what specifically does "Fix everything back to how it was before" mean?? Sorry if I'm slow here...
  3. mellowboy

    Dell Inspiron 530 Help

    Before I read your reply I had pretty much decided to go with Leo4allv3. I downloaded it and it installed right through first time (I knew my hardware specs so the driver picking was easier) and with the exception of the audio everything works! Of course I tried to upgrade to 10.5.4 (leo4allv3 is 10.5.2) and it broke everything so I just installed again. So I think I will stick with this one, I'm sure I'll be able to sort the audio. Then I think I will upgrade to a 4 core proc. A PC friend of mine was so impressed that he asked me for the leo DVD and is giving it a go also Thanks Randy ./mellow
  4. mellowboy

    Dell Inspiron 530 Help

    I followed through in the partition theory, and went for a partitionless install (leo only) and that has made no difference, so the partition is the not the cause. Anybody ANY ideas here? ./mellow
  5. mellowboy

    Dell Inspiron 530 Help

    Randy11/Thashef I have been reading your thread here with interest, and the others specifically for the Inspiron 530. I too have bought this machine with the specific purpose of making it into a hackintosh. Spec: Build:DELL INSPIRON 530 Motherboard:DELL, Bios 1.0.13 CPU:Core2 Duo 2.2GHz Harddrive: SATA 320GB partitioned into 50 (Vista or XP) and 270 Leopard. Bootloader: GUID LAN: onboard (intel?) Audio: onboard Graphic: NVIDIA GeForce 8300Gs (128MB) Factory Fitted I have installed KALYWAY 10.5.1 leopard. I have not been able to get as far an any of you, not even as far as the keyboard loop. I get to various points on the boot up (-v) but it freezes every time (normal boot just gets to the "You need to restart your computer") however it does not always end with the same line in the boot messages, which i think is notable (i.e. does not fail at the same place each time, as below) I did alter some BIOS settings, but I put them all back, as there was nothing that stood out as incorrect, I was just experimenting. LAST LINES in boot: Boot –v: (5 times) Macintosh fseventsd[40]: log dir: /Volumes/XP/.fseventsd getting uuid: xxxxxxx-yyyy….. (4 times) localhost /System/Library/CoreServices/loginwindow.app/Contents/MacOS/loginwindow[28]: Login Window Application Started (1 time) Boot –v –x (5 times) Macintosh mDNSResponder[27]: SetDomainSecrets: mDNSKeychainGetSecrets failed error 0 CFArrayRef 00000000 (3 times) Macintosh mDNSResponder[30]: Couldn't read user-specified Computer Name; using default “Macintosh-000000000000b” instead (2 times) Boot –v –f (5 times) Macintosh /usr/sbin/oscpd[65]: starting (1 time) Macintosh fseventsd[41]: log dir: /Volumes/XP/.fseventsd getting uuid: xxxxxxx-yyyy….. (4 times) The only thing I can think of is to scrap the XP partition and go with a full disk for leopard, although I feel as if it will not make a differnece. Any thoughts/ideas/suggestions greatly received. thanks ./mellow