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  1. That's insane, this geekbench! What is your over clock and how did you achieve this? What is your setup (mb, ram, cooling, case?). This geek bench gets close to the new mac pro 12 core!
  2. 10.9 wake problem

    I also have a problem waking up my hack (Samsung R780 laptop) with Mavericks. I can sleep, but when I press the power button to wake up, I can hear the fans start spinning but the screen stays blank). I'm using this dsdt: dsdt.aml.zip With this dsdt I can wake with Snow Leopard. What could be wrong?
  3. Hello, I've got a black screen after I wake up from sleep with my ML 10.8.5 However, sleep is working with my SL 10.6.8 partition with this dsdt (I use the same for both os): dsdt.aml.zip What to do?
  4. gt330m hdmi audio out

    Hi, I need help with my gt330m, how to enable hdmi audio out? I've patched my sound (alc269) and my video card with dsdt. My laptop is a samsung r780-js06. What do I need to do for hdmi audio? I don't want voodoohda (to much kp).
  5. Hi, I've got a Samsung R780-JS06 and so far it's great working: sound, wifi (I've replaced it with a Dell 1397 from mini 10v to get WPA2, graphics (via DSDT), speedstepping and brightness adjust. I only need help to get the sleep working! Is there anybody who can help me with this? If I put it to sleep, it's sleeps but when pressing the powerkey to wake it up, it reboots to chameleon and I'm getting the reader header size 200 warning and after that it goes to where I left OSX. But when I close my lid, it's stuck and I need to reboot manually. Also, weak battery lifetime (around 1u30), can it be extended (is there a better battery for it?). Thanks.