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  1. This How to is to make sure that all the data and methods gathered from all over are put in one place. and i'll tell you it took a battering 6 days for me to make my driver work for sure. (make sure u know everything explained here before you try and do it, I cannot be held responsible for silly mistakes u make! So be sure to make a copy of anything before you replace/delete them) so here goes. a. the kext - download it from here, the caladan1810 post. (1) Follow his instruction's in the text file. (2) make sure that the device id/vendor id thing is done. intel pro/100 uses 0x10928086, so make sure u insert that in the iopcimatch section. (3) just to be sure delete all other "Intel" kexts in the IONetworkingFamily.(of course make sure to make a copy of them and place it 'someplace else' first. b. just to be sure run the disk utility to "repair permissions" c. restart (of course) d. if on restart it is still grayed or not detected, restart again and go to bios setup. e. enable Boot from Lan. make sure that boot priority also puts ethernet/lan before hdd. f. it should work. if it doesn't/works intermittently then go to "network preferences", and under the ethernet "Configure IPV4" if its DHCP enabled then - switch it to "off"- Apply - "using DHCP" - Apply. that's all i got. if it still doesn't work, post it. we'll try to find an option cheers