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  1. what kind of video card is in your rigs? take a look at this guys custom settings for iatkos s3 v2 I used most of his settings for my dell latitude d820, about to install this on my dell latitude d630 T7100 if anyone wants to buy it for 350 let me know, Ok, this is what I used (D630, Nvidia, Wireless = broadcom) rest of d630 hardware should be identical to every d630 1. iATKOS S3 v2 - it has 10.6.3 2. Set bios on D630 to AHCI (not an option in my bios, didn't matter ) 3. Bootloader - AsereBLN v1.1.9 4. Bootloader Options - 32-bit boot (I think I had to use the second options, or whichever option said if you got a kernel panic to chose the one below it, I did the bottom one, hope this helps, it might be the rtc option below that this mess of nonsense is describing) Graphics Enabler 5. Patches - /Extra directory, fakesmc, Disabler, RTC(32bit(see statement above), EVO Reboot 6. Drivers - INTEL SATA/IDE (i skipped these) 7. SOUND - Voodoo HDA 8. PS/2 - Apple PS/2 9. CPU Power Management - Voodoo P-State 10. Latop Hardware - Battery, Card Reader, TSC Sync, ACPI Thermal (32bit) -select all 11. Network wireless - Broadcom 12. Network wired - Broadcom BCM5755M(32bit) (I skipped this) 13. Language Translations - select all updated to 10.6.5 perfectly still working on sleep enabler, I didn't select the option on my lastest install but it never worked before, but I never chose the aspere bootloader option in the past, I used chamilion rc4.. Good look
  2. Hello, I successfully installed iatkos s3 v2 on my dell lattitude d820 with 2 gigs of ram, 1.6 ghz core 2 duo. Works flawlessly with one exception, I can't get the trackpad sensitivity to decrease. My mouse is a little too sensitive unless I plug in an external usb mouse. (oh and I am having sleep issues, but oh well on those, I'm sure there's an easy fix. Also when my computer display goes to sleep I have to shut the lid of the laptop and open it back up for it to reappear. I believe I have tried both kexts in the options menu on 2 different installations, voodoops2, and apple. Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated. Also, when I updated to 10.6.5 I got a kernel panic, any suggestions here? Side note: I currently slide the hard-drive out every time I want to run windows versus mac, I have 2 hard-drives, and simply leave the screws out and slide each one in with simplicity. I hope to one day dual boot; only reason why would be to use xp or windows 7 for my newsgroups programs, I haven't found any good mac ones that can download nearly as fast as my 1.8 mbps. Cheers and many thanks people! Ty