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    Random freezing

    I ordered one but it won't be here til tomorrow. Do you think this could be it? I was suspicious it could be related, that's why I included it in the OP. I can't remember the model of the mouse off the top of my head but it's supposed to be crazy high-featured, at the time it was advertised as "the world's most advanced mouse". Will update tomorrow or if anyone has any other ideas I can try in the meantime
  2. Hello chaps, Within a few minutes of entering the OS the cursor stops moving and the entire system seems to lock up. It was happening during the install process too... is there an event log or something I can check for errors? System specs attached - the only connected peripherals are monitor, my wireless logitech mouse and a cabled usb keyboard.
  3. 64 bit: no. Any thoughts?
  4. Ummm I didn't select either or do anything special during the install, which was from the regular retail Snow Leopard disc. I'm going to assume 32, is there an easy way to tell? Since my wireless card is out I'm constantly booting back and forth between the OSX partition to check on things / post about them here I'm running 64 bit Windows 7 as my primary OS but I have a hunch (possibly incorrectly) that OSX will have installed as 32 by default? For the record my chip is a Q9550.
  5. Hi guys, I'm running a DWA-547 network card on my (newly Snow Leopard'd) PC. Obviously it wasn't supported from scratch, so I had a quick google and found this post from a user with the same card who installed the IO80211family.kext and got it running. I found a copy of this kext and dropped it in the root directory of my HDD. Did the following in Terminal: sudo -s cp -R IO80211family.kext /System/Library/Extensions cd /System/Library/Extensions chmod -R 755 IO80211family.kext chown -R 0:0 IO80211family.kext I'm preparing to add the device ID etc my self when wham, Airport's appearing in my system settings. Happy days! I did a quick scan and it detected my home network but when I tried to enter the WEP key I got a timeout for the connection attempt. "Never mind," I think to myself, "let's just try a restart". I restart the machine and my "airport card" (wink wink) is now turned off (and cannot be turned on). I try removing the kext and adding it again, still can't enable. Formatted the drive and retried; same effect, worked but disappeared after a reboot. The card was obviously working to some degree (since it detected my network and its name / enc type) but the failure to connect and the mystery disappearance on reboot is obviously an issue. I've read the wiki, and searched for threads, and I can't find any ideas on where to go next so I come to you guys. Any thoughts on what's going on here or how I might address it?
  6. Step 1. Purchase Optimus Prime mask Step 2. Record videos Step 3. Modify FTP logs so videos were uploaded from Cybertron Step 4. Nobody, not even your father, will mess with Optimus But seriously... if you're not mature enough to have a logical discussion with your parents and convince them you should be allowed to put videos on the internet, then you're not mature enough to be putting videos on the internet.
  7. kthnx

    How is osx86 pronounced?

    Seconded (thirded?). A cunning portmanteau of how I pronounce OS (oh ess) and x86 (ecks eighty six).
  8. I sympathise with why you did this, having moderated giant forums before, but it really isn't the best solution. Without going into too much depth, I'd consider; a. Consolidating your forums into clearer topics (reducing subforums etc) b. Better division and allocation of stickies c. A clearer flow for new users - they're less likely to post rubbish threads if they can easily find the info they're looking for d. Promote some of the userbase to low-level mods (janitors) e. Try and increase post quality - less of these "lol" and "how strange!" replies will vastly decrease the load on your moderators and increase the time they have to look at actual proper posts This happens to every forum as it grows. Sooner or later you need a bottom up redesign or it just gets out of hand and the moderators can't do their jobs.
  9. kthnx

    Introduce Yourself

    Hi guys. My name's Sam, I'm from Australia and I work for Frontier Media. We're an Australian company who specialise in online application programming (stuff like social networking interfaces, remote asset management, cms modifications) and application development (from-scratch social networking sites, custom developed content management systems, that kind of stuff). We do a little bit of the boring standard work (regular web design / hosting) but most of our active projects are site redesign, efficiency analysis or custom coding in PHP / Java / SQL. I've come to this forum to have a chat with other OSx86 owners and - hopefully - get some tips on making my Snow Leopard install run smoothly. Would love to help out the community as much as possible and (while this is a great forum) I feel like I could probably offer some very helpful tips if I can get a few days to look around. My day job is pretty much looking at sites like this and picking up flaws, then making solutions to solve them. Since I'm coming to you guys with my problems I'd be happy to help solve some of yours. -Sam
  10. kthnx


    Who decided that the best way to prevent spam was requiring five posts in other threads? I can see what you were going for but jesus, speaking as someone who works in the internetz industry, most new forum users are joining to ask a question and if they need to post in five existing threads first they're going to get mad and - quite possibly - go somewhere else. "There is nowhere else, if you hate the site, find another one lol" This forum is a great resource - and one for which I'm very thankful - but there has got to be a better way to deal with new signups not reading stickies. New user signs up. If they're the kind of idiot who is going to post "hurr how does i made internet going" they're probably going to just spam five threads so they can post their stupid question anyway, so all you've really done is multiplied the useless posts by six. I'm sure your stupid-thread-count has dropped significantly since you started this policy but it's probably because your average durr can't work out why they're unable to post and have given up. Edit: I just spent a full five minutes looking for a thread where I could contribute something meaningful and I cannot find a thing. I wanted to make a new thread in the suggestions forum suggesting a new architecture for the forums that might be a bit friendlier to new users without sucking for older users but - of course - I can't actually start a new thread. I've resisted the temptation to just post "Hmm, interesting question" in four other threads to get my post count up and I'm avoiding double posting here too. Could an admin or a mod please, please, please bump my post count up to five so I can start a thread and ask the question I came here to ask? You should be able to do it from the Manage Members form.