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  1. Atheros AR5007eg

    There apeare to be no drivers for that card, Best bet is to replace it with a cheep Airport card of ebay.
  2. SL on SAMSUNG N510 ION Netbook

    Ok so upon updating to 10.6.7 my grafix seem a little better. But ive been focusing on getting brightness to work. Do you know how to get it working. Ive tried kexts, dsdt mods etc... and no anvil. Thanks alsothings, you say in your sig, that you have reliable sleep? how was this achieved? Thanks
  3. SL on SAMSUNG N510 ION Netbook

    Hello Just managed to get 10.6.5 installed, worked ok, Lots of errors while booting but QE works, Trackpad works, Keyboard works, shutdown doe not work wifi does not work sound patched with voodoo ( Mic always on though can be disabled though voodoo pref) The only main problem i have with using this as a semi-Primary OS is that the Graphics are laggy eg. youtube videos are unwatchable. Does anybody know how to fix this?