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  1. benoit311080

    Nvidia : Tv and Lcd Inverted + Screen in Portrait (not landscape)

    Yeah. It works now with the last version on nati too. The only main problem : how to activate mirroring with nvidia cards....
  2. benoit311080

    Nvidia : Tv and Lcd Inverted + Screen in Portrait (not landscape)

    Yeah! Thanks. Now, my lcd is the main. I've got a new problem: on my lcd screen, OSX is in portrait (not in landscape) : i have a resolution of 1050X1680 and not 1680X1050.
  3. Hi, I ve just tried Natit. It works great on my Geforce 6600T. The main problem i have is this one: The main screen in osx is my TV (S-video) The second screen in osx is my pc lcd screen (DVI). I don't use the VGA output. How to invert to make my pc lcd screen the main screen in osx? Update : - Problem for swapping main/second display resolved : read here after in the replies. - Here is my situation : I use the last version of Natit (version on its website) In all cases, i don't have mirroring, just desktop extension. => Putting monitor on DVI + tv on S VIDEO : the resolutions being backward w/ inverted monitor on the DVI. TV is OK => Putting monitor on VGA + tv on S VIDEO : it's ok for monitor and TV. Just I have no mirroring If you have a full compatibility with nvidia, give me your tips. thanks
  4. Hi, I have 10.4.8 with the semthex kernel. I can restart my computer but shutdown osx doesn't completely shutdown my pc (fans are working,...). I try to change Plateform to ACPI or X86PC, try to make ACPI modifications in my bios but nothing works. Has someone a solution?
  5. Hi, Is it possible to make working the TV Ouput (S Video) on Nvidia card with Titan driver or another solution?
  6. Hi, Do you think that it is possible that TV Ouput will be supported in a nearly future for GeForce cards? It's the last thing that i'm waiting for my OSX86