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  1. Build an OS from Leopard Kernel?

    Check out PureDarwin
  2. leopard on vmware for a n00b

    Why not just install it natively? From what I've read, it's possible to but it's not stable. This might help http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=81721 Good luck!
  3. What would YOU do with $75,000 ?

    Try to catch a football game at each NFL stadium in one season. It may be possible if you attend Monday night and pre-season games too. I would invest anything that is left.
  4. KDE 4.0 RC2 released

    Not working well for me. After I did the one-click install I keep getting a kdeinit4 error. I haven't found out much on this particular error. The Live CD starts up properly but doesn't allow me to use desktop effects. Oh well, I think I'm just going to wait for the official release next month.
  5. Church Shootings Today

    How do you conclude from the article that the guy was treated like "scum of the earth"? I think that to insinuate that this shooting was justifiable because of the religious beliefs of the victims is appalling.
  6. Try running the "Patch Leopard Installation" method described here.
  7. AppleHDAPatcher Not Working!

    Use version 1.16. 1.17 didn't work for me either.
  8. My experience with Ubuntu 7.10...

    Just a continuation of my 'Buntu 7.10 experience. Since it seems like all the Compiz-Fusion problems are specific to Kubuntu, I tried downloading and installing Ubuntu, after several failed attempts on different computers, I find out that the CD is bad. I know that's not Canonical's fault, but it just adds to the bad taste. I'll just download and burn a new CD and see what happens. Anyway, I haven't given up. I reinstalled Kubuntu and managed this time to get Compiz-Fusion working -- well sort of. But whereas it was probably 70% working before on 7.04. Now it's probably 50% working (just a guesstimate). I know Compiz-Fusion is buggy and I don't expect perfection from it, but for my purposes it did 100% of what I needed it to do. Now I can't even get the cube to work, it keeps defaulting to the flat (i think its called wall) desktop changer. Anyway, I've gone much longer than I wanted to and I just wanted to say that still don't dislike the 'Buntus, but to me this release just doesn't seem as polished as it should be or even as those before it. I also still don't understand why the KDE interface is still so "generic", apparently all the development goes to Gnome and KDE is just an afterthought.
  9. My experience with Ubuntu 7.10...

    Just wanted to chime in on this discussion if I may. I've recently tried Kubuntu 7.10. I normally choose Kubuntu because I prefer KDE although gnome is growing on me lately. Anyway I've never disliked the 'buntus. I think their support community is outstanding and I usually keep one version or another installed on a partition for my amusement. They are usually very simple if not boring, to install and I can usually get everything I need working very quickly. However, after my experience with Kubuntu 7.10, I must say that I'm very disappointed. All in all, it has the feel of it being rushed out the door. For example Compiz-Fusion is broken, and it ran almost perfectly for me on 7.04. If you Google this, it seems like many people are experiencing issues with Compiz-Fusion specifically with Kubuntu. Oddly enough, I did an upgrade (not a clean install) from a 7.04 installation which had Compiz-Fusion running on it, and it's working there. Also, at first I installed from the live CD and had some strange graphics problems where the desktop did not align properly with the monitor screen. I continued with the install thinking that it would resolve itself after it reboot, but this was not the case. I installed from the alternate install CD and the screen mis-alignment was not an issue, but I then found other problems. IMO this is an inferior release, I must not be one of the lucky ones. On the other hand I'm very impressed with OpenSUSE 10.3 and PCLOS 2007.
  10. Has anyone bought Vista?

    No, but my employer bought me a computer that came with it pre-installed and I downgraded to XP.
  11. Atheros AR5005(G)

    Wow! How did you ever figure that out? It's working for me thanks!!!
  12. Favourite Linux/UNIX distro

    openSUSE. I also like kubuntu and knoppix.
  13. Compiz/Beryl like cube for XP and Vista

    Thanks rollcage, I'm trying when it's released.
  14. I'm a big fan of the Linux compiz cube, but I do most of my work on Windows, so I did a Google search and found Yod'm 3d. It runs pretty good on XP but the initial reaction time is a little slow. I haven't tried it on Vista. It's been around for a few months but I just ran into it now and no, I'm not the developer. Anyway, I hope someone finds it useful. Also if anyone knows of a better implementation, I'd be interested in trying it out.
  15. 10.4.9 Updater Results (Loki.10.4.9)

    I installed the Loki update and it worked perfectly on my rig. Thank you gentlemen!