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  1. thank to your answer.. but i already try it..(i really try many thing..but no change my ioreg) my ioreg always hs01 to hs14 and ss01 only so ..i S.O.S... same system user efi sample.(it was you)
  2. hi MaLd0n. i have z370-hd3. i installed 10.14.2.. but i can not make working usb port 15 do not woking 10.14.1, 10.14.2 port limit patch i can not apply my uiac-ssdt.aml i did many things. but anytime hs01-hs14&usr1 OR hs01-hs14 & ss01 only really dont know what problem can i get your 10.14.1 or 10.14.2 efi.zip ? thank you read
  3. Very interesting. Your 680 and 980 same fps score 112~113 980= 680? No... In my case have 1800x gtx660 and gtx980 ti two card have Same score 10.12.4 Gtx980 ti= 45 fps / gtx660 = 45 fps Gtx980ti <=====FAR FAR away lineup8==> gtx660 But same score.. me and you.. Actually fps 45 is too low. If you clear this.problem give hint. And advic Thx
  4. hello edwin your about this Mac Info "CPU : Ryzen 7 1700" my about this Mac info "Unknown CPU" how to get cpu information? 10.12.5 is virtual PC? or out kernel? can I get 10.12.5 kernel?
  5. hi bronya my english is not good.. so i don't understand 100% english. so sometimes i dont understand.. what happend? but i guess...and feel.... i seem to offend someone am i right? first i want say to you. " i'm sorry " maybe.. my language problem make Communication problem. i really think Bronya Kernel is Awsome is this kernel Problem? or Nvidia Web driver Problem? = I Mean . i thunk 'Why My GPU SLow. i mistake something? hmm..how to fix this. i need more information. i have to ask someone' = it's mean "I need help." so i write question...it's was just question. it's my language communication problem.. thanks a lot . bronya thanks your long reply. i know your message. and agree
  6. auctally this is not my first hakintosh. ( many Hackintosh Tested for Intel PC, you think more.) but AMD System is first.. so I don't know why slow Nvidia OpenGL performance slower half score than Intel Hackintosh
  7. Guys.. I have one more question. Strange Cinebench Open GL Score Ryzen 1800X & Gtx 980 Ti. OpenGL Score is 43 fps Cpu score 1677cb (Yes 1800x 3.8Ghz this score. no problem) But GTX 980Ti Cinebench openGL Score too low.. (Normal GTX980 & 980 Ti) Score 95 ~ 120 fps But ryzen 10.12.4 Cinebench R15 Score 43 or 44 Fps.. is this kernel Problem? or Nvidia Web driver Problem? can you tell your ryzen & Nvidia 10.12.4 system OpenGL Score? Cinebench OpenGL Score screenshot link- https://goo.gl/photos/WE33P4zum8KNe2uj8
  8. need advice i Used this files ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Use boot_beta.zip and 10.12.4 Patch kernel (auto and fakeMSR kernel) and kernel_10.2.4_fakeMsr.zip 9.59MB 65 downloads kernel_10.2.4_auto.zip 9.59MB 106 downloads ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ i did 1.replace system.kext , /system/library/extensions (chmod -R 755 and Chown -R root:wheel ) 2. Replace kernel to /system/library/kernels/kernel 2. frameworks three files Replace /system/library/Frameworks and (chmod -R 755 and Chown -R root:wheel ) CPU halted and auto shut down. dyld: Library not loaded: /system/library/Frameworks/IOKit.Framework/Version/A~@*$@)*$)@ (Screen shot is this link https://goo.gl/photos/7J4QpoNNACawMLnG6 ) 3. So i try different way. replace 10.12.4 origirinal Frameworks 3 Files and merge patch frameworks 3 files. than i can see another messages (Screen shot is think link https://goo.gl/photos/NQ9DqTYAuRqPtGiRA ) and youtube Video link https://youtu.be/3GLlqnuXpsU -------------------------------------- I Need advice . what mistake ?
  9. Same problem my ryzen system. If Intel system I will dsdt patch and acpi patch.. But I have no idea with amd chameleon system. Need patch acpi kext patch or acpi module If you clear that problem reply again
  10. 1800x reboot problem video and this photo is last frame screenshot before auto reboot https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByhpXCl61XvSTGR6MXBEa0U0VFU/view?usp=sharing
  11. hi.. ryzen users ryzen 1800X, ga-ab350m-hd3 i tried maything Use "test2 boot" and 10.11.6 patch kernel(bronya) no module folder, and only nullcpupm.kext and fakesmc.kext (always flags) -v usekernelcache=no (test flags) cpus= 1or 8 , busratio=29 ,30,36 , DropSSDT=Yes Or no my problem can not see kernel log screen. because roll kexts loding message and monitor blackout and after 5 sec computer auto reset. this step is into 10.11.6 kernel. is this patch kernel problem? or my M/B problem? anyway this 10.11.6 disk connect other intel system. i can boot (it mean no problem my kernel patch: /system/library/kernels/kernel) anyone tested this kernel on 1800x CPU? i need information . another 1800x users experience. can you see kernel message? or panic message? i want see kernel panic messge.. because panic message means 1800x into kernel or loding kernel thank you read. i waiting another 1800x Users Report
  12. ryzen 1800x(no over) , gigabyte ab350, gtx980ti not works for me. 10.11.6 no more module folder, and use your "test-boot2" -v arch=x86_64 Usekernelcache=no cpus=1 (or 8 ) bus ratio (10 or 20 or 30) I think it's not important (cpus, bus ratio,fsb) step by step my report 1. boot 2. input flags 3. -v option (loading system/library/extensions.*kext) scroll up my monitor 4. and... this step need switch kernel loding screen . 5. but monitor black and 5 sec later auto Reset my computer. thx..anyway I hope Sierra 10.12 last kernel just test 10.11.6 kernel . because still no where Sierra kernel..