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  1. dual boot win7 and osx

    ok, i also have a dual boot question. i have installed i deneb 10.5.8 and chameleon boot loader. chameleon is installed to the osx partiton. what do i have to do to use chameleon on the osx drive to have the boot authority over windwos 7 when i install it to the second partition of my HD? as in after the windows install is done on the second partition do i have to set the OSX partition active again or something like that or will chameleon remain the default loader? just a awesome note: i literally get 15 sec boot times from power on to osx desktop! ------------------ obviously yes !...............have to set the OSX partition active again.............. chameleon...for that matter any pc/mac loader uses chainloader for booting win just like grub
  2. hi ! I just did an installation from MBP4,1 OEM disk on a mbr disk.(logical 3) IDE MBR HDD: Primary 1 - windows xp x86 primary 2 - windows 7 x64 primary 3 - leopard 10.5.6 retail extened------ logical 1 - fedora 9 x86 logical 2 - blank/ntfs logical 3 - LEOPARD 10.5.2 OEM logical 4 - blank/ntfs It works fine! I'll update 10.5.8 later, but..... two important conclusions can drawn: 1.leopard runs just fine on mbr as on gpt ! 2.oem leo of mbp17(4,1) can also be used! so, why go through gptsync of "EFI-GPT hdd" fuss ? peace out ! what went wrong ? you couldn't complete the installation or what ? does chainloading work ?
  3. hi ! I would like to know why a "GPT/EFI installation" of leo is stressed ? mbr installation of leo, works fine on both my mbp17 and pc. thanks
  4. How does BIOS boot GPT (GUID) Hard Drives?

    Hi! I really really don't understand why there is so much of stress on GPT/GUID-EFI installation ! I did a MBR installation 10.5.2(oem) and 10.5.6(retail) on both macbook pro 4,1 (2.5Ghz) and PC(E5400,GA-EG45M-UD2H). It works superbly on both. Anyways, the EFI partition of my MBP17 had only Firmware.scap( or *.scrap), nothing else. Leo doesn't use EFI partition for anything.(Yeah TimeCapsule may fail to run, apart from that ? nothing). I guess GPT/EFI installation is just "hyped" ! On hyped; i would like to draw attention to one more thing....." did a MBR installation 10.5.2(oem) and 10.5.6(retail) on both".....OEM works just fine as Retail on PC ! Again, "OEM works just fine as Retail on PC" Peace Out !