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  1. Tha's not the point and also you forget that in some laptops you cant just replace the Wireless card bacause it can be blacklisted from the BIOS and yes you can edit the BIOS but its not smth everyone is willing to do coz if you mess it up then you have bricked your laptop. On another note i dont see this project moving at all coz it has been like 4 years or more for just a driver
  2. Does it fix the Sata DVD problem that Medevil's kext has?
  3. Then it is NOT FULLY functional as mentioned on the first post (before you edit it,which is good from your part and honest).The sata dvd problem is the one and only big problem Medevil's kext has so i ask again: What more does your kext has to offer.I ask with no bad intention.I really want to find out what is new on this coz if there is nothing new i dont see any reason uninstalling medevil's kext. If you have the knowledge to fix the sata problem then i suggest you ask from a friend of yours to lent you his sata dvd recorder since this is actually a big problem thus by fixing it you will actually give something back to the community.
  4. Um what do you mean fully working? As far as i am concerned if the sata dvd problem is not fixed then i dont see something new.If however this is fixed then contgrats since it was the only problem that Medevil's work had.
  5. GFOnyX

    10.6.2 Released!

    Official: Atom not supported in 10.6.2.
  6. Looks like a RC car/toy and not a real car. Did u just take a picture of your toy and post it as a wallpaper?
  7. GFOnyX

    Snow Leopard kernel by qoopz/nawcom! [Intel/AMD]

    My thoughts exactly.
  8. dozens of updates and fixes usually means a difficult update procedure for osx86 but lets hope that is not the case here.
  9. Why is everything in your desktop so purple??? Even dock icons that are supposed to be blue are purple... Here is mine.Simple.Just changed the dock and gave some apps the HUD look.
  10. No. Mine is socket 939 which means it has SSE3
  11. OK.Finally found a solution on this one. That will do the trick.Hope it helps