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  1. Everything is fine... but can someone give me working LAN kext?
  2. Trututu

    Dell Precision 690 10.8.2!

    Hi, I will give it a shoot! So Its working like a charm My route was a little bit different: 1) My wifes macbook with installed 10.8.2 2) Carbon Copy Cloner 3) add some kexts 4) copy Extra folder from my Lion HD 5) Installed new bootloader using chameleon wizard 6) Restart, boot from new Mountain HD 7) AirDrop enabling terminal command 8) Happy face cheers
  3. Trututu

    Dell precision 690 DSDT help

    I have stable running 10.7.5 on my Dell Precision 690 with old BIOS A03. So BIOS update is not mandatory...i think.
  4. Hi, here are links for my EXTENSIONS and my EXTRA folders. I'm using it with 10.7.5 http://pawel.truchandesign.pl/osx/Extensions.zip http://pawel.truchandesign.pl/osx/Extra.zip Hope someone will find that useful. Of course you should use your own DSDT file, but maybe my will be good enough to start. My Dell is running stable with 10.7.5 (boot time 52 seconds including BIOS startup / SAS disabled/ )
  5. Hello, This is what I'm getting during boot, Oct 17 18:04:19 localhost kernel[0]: Kext com.apple.GeForce - library kext com.apple.NVDAResman not found. Oct 17 18:04:19 localhost kernel[0]: Can't load kext com.apple.GeForce - failed to resolve library dependencies. Oct 17 18:04:19 localhost kernel[0]: Kext com.apple.GeForce failed to load (0xdc00800e).mbinit: done [96 MB total pool size, (64/32) split] Oct 17 18:04:19 localhost kernel[0]: Pthread support ABORTS when sync kernel primitives misused Oct 17 18:04:19 localhost kernel[0]: Failed to load kext com.apple.GeForce (error 0xdc00800e). Oct 17 18:04:19 localhost kernel[0]: Couldn't alloc class "NVKernel" I'm on Dell Precision 690 with GeForce 9400GT 1GB running LION 10.7.5 Graphic card is enabled by boot.plist <device-properities>, graphic enabler turned off (with on got black screen) Removing Geforce.kext makes my system run withour Quartz GL (it's not an option I need that to run FCP etc.) Any ideas? Oh GeForce.kext and NVHAL... and all related kexts are stock (default), came with lion retail 10.7.3 than updated to 10.7.5 cheers
  6. I 've hed some kernel panic today and this is my ... ... update for org.chameleon.boot.plist file <key>Kernel Flags</key> <string>PCIUID=1</string> This make my osx runnning again I can mail you but what's your address ... or maybe send me some questions at gentlyborn(at)gmail.com btw. ####### = m u l t i b e a st
  7. For now I wil give you all my Extensions and my Extra folder. http://pawel.truchandesign.pl/osx/Exten_Extra.zip In this file you will need to change EFI string for graphic card, to get my string I was using EFI studio 9 org.chameleon.Boot.plist In BIOS turn off build-in NIC and PS2 ports and COM ports, set grives mode to AHCI For you, loubrucker I believe you should use one of your hackintoshes or a real MAC and install Lion 10.7.4 on a separate drive, after that You have my working Extensions directory, so just put it in place, run ###### and as Destination set newly installed Lion, and mark UserDSDT Install /you have to put my DSDT.aml file on desktop before/ System Utilities -> Repair Permissions Drivers & Bootloader -> Bootloaders -> Chimera This shou;d do the trick...let me know. cheers
  8. I'm back to bussines... Any one still needs any help with instalation of Lion on Dell Precision 690? If so, during the incoming weekend I will prepare some new infos, upload kexts dsdt etc. to my FTP Since my last posts I have had few major Kernel Panics, but now everything is working and stable again - Im running 10.7.4 now. cheers
  9. Drives connected to SAS controller will be visible by OSX but don't try to use SAS Hardware RAID option, It will not work ever. I will put LSI next here soon, now there is some error here and I can not upload files. Oh here it is... AppleLSIFusionMPT.kext.zip
  10. Tomorrow I will try to instal OS 10.8 MOUNTAIN LION on DELL PRECISION 690 ... If its gonna be succes it means that I will stay with my DELL for next few years. Will let you know...and propably will start new topic
  11. Thanks All !! I didnt know that there is so much interet in instaling OSX on dell 690. So detailed quide will be done - but Im very busy, so you will have to wait. My path was. Leopard from iDeneb 10.5.6 vanilla kernel with SMBIOS kext (It was very long time ago so Im not sure about what was checked during install of Leopard, but Im sure that under CUSTOMIZE window I decided for Chameleon bootloader, Vanilla kernel and somethng more, maybe It was SMBIOS or something like that, but for sure dont try to install sound kext, graphics etc during first install, try to install it as clean as possible and then you will try to fix some issues with devices one by one) - some Kexts etc to make sound and graphics running, oh and some modification of AppleLSIFusionMPT.kext for SAS drives to apear Than from running Leopard I have installed Snow Leopard from retail DVD and before restart I did use M U L T I B E A S T to add evoReboot, new bootloader and Voodoo sound kexts. Than having fully runnning SL - Retail Lion + xMove + DSDT + M U L T I B E A S T for evoReboot. Few days ago I have done a new install of Lion using same method but this time using retail lion 10.7.3 (new one) with success BIOS doesnt metter (Im running my dell on A03 BIOS - very very OLD one, and have perfectly running SnowLeo, Lion and Win7x64. In BIOS all you should set is AHCI mode for SATA drives and turn of onboard LAN, don;t use PS2 mouse or keyboard, you can but there you will have to force osx to work with PS2 devices I know its a chaos but I have no time to stop by and write it better way cheers
  12. My choice went to http://www.dealextreme.com/p/usb-2-0-10-100mbps-rj45-lan-ethernet-network-adapter-dongle-34691 I'm not sure will it work (still waiting for delivery - ordered few minutes ago) but in reviews there is "Work like a charm on Mac OSX 10.7 Lion"
  13. Hi, Anyone with kext for BCM5752 14e4 1600 for Lion? cheers
  14. Trututu

    Broadcom 570x and 575x

    Anyone here with kext for Broadcom NetXtreme BCM5752 Gigabit Ethernet PCI Express (14e4 1600) for SnowLeopard 10.6.8 or Lion 10.7.2 ??
  15. Trututu

    Broadcom BCM5752 [14e4:1600]

    Anyone here with next for Broadcom NetXtreme BCM5752 Gigabit Ethernet PCI Express (device ID 1600) for SnowLeopard 10.6.8 or Lion 10.7.2 ??