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  1. Alright I have tried countless of times to get OS X to work on my Dell Dimension 8400 I don't want to dual boot it I just want to have OS X only on the I have attempted to install it with iATKOS v7 which works until I need to restart my computer after the installation it always gives me boot errors so I don't know whether or not I'm using the wrong method to install Mac OS X or my hardware isn't capable to run OS X if any of you could help me out or suggest a method I should use that would be great My specs Processor: Intel Pentium 4 560 / 3.0 GHz Chipset: Intel 925X Express RAM: 512 MB Graphics Card: ATI Radeon X300 Integrated sound card: Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 HDD: 80gbs if you need to know anymore details just let me know
  2. Alcest

    whats your favorite anime/manga

    Code Geass, Full Metal Alchemist and Death Note
  3. Dir en Grey was probably the best band I saw live
  4. die sektor - to be fed upon
  5. Alcest

    Should FF7 be released for PS3?

    It will be released on PS3(or the console after) eventually
  6. Alcest

    Mac OS X...on Consoles!

    I think the PSP was able to run Windows XP and I think the PS3 can run Linux but if it's useful I don't know unless they could integrate it with the console