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  1. Hi! A year ago, I installed leopard on my asus laptop. Every time that I tried to install leopard it was hanging at the error: Mac os version not yet set... I found out that I needed a modified bios version for my laptop. With that modified bios version I was able to install and run leopard on my laptop. But after a while a had enough from Osx on my laptop and I uninstalled Osx and reflashed my bios back to the original bios. Now my problem: At the moment I'am trying to install Snow Leopard on my laptop and I'am giving Osx86 on my laptop another chance. But I can install snow leopard, but when I try to boot Snowleopard after the installation it's again hanging at: Mac Os version not yet set. So I think I need the modified bios again, but osxcores.50sites.net is down.. And I can't find my bios anywhere on the internet or on this forum. So now I ask: Does anyone have the modified bios for the Asus F3sg.. I've got an Asus X53sg, but It has an F3sg motherboard in it, so the modified bios for the F3sg is fine I hope someone can help me out!! Thanks in Advance!