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  1. I did but for some reason not working, i need to do this: From this post: Is not the same Graphic card but that trick make it work, i just need to install Cuda drivers and is done. Network is working, audio is working Do you sugest anything else? The next step is to make the dual boot working i saw some guides that can help me. Thanks for all your help bud.
  2. I did it but Web Driver isnt working ... is installed fine but not working ... Glitches everywhere... Do you want the ioreg again? Tomorrow i will upload it again if it is necesary
  3. Here you go Bud: SENDME: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1bsoRI4sj-SVUpJQ3RiWUlrYjA/view?usp=sharing IOREG: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1bsoRI4sj-SaWMyUmEzeEl2QUU/view?usp=sharing You tell me how i must do it now, when i need to install Nvidia WebDrivers and other stuff. Here you got a few screen captures of my BIOS setup if need to change something you tell me: *VT-D Disabled *Secure Boot Mode Disabled *OS Type Other OS *XHCI Handoff Enabled https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1bsoRI4sj-SUHgxU2tuY2xHa2s/view?usp=sharing I know that if i have CFG-Lock in my BIOS i need to disable it but i can´t find that option in my BIOS config. Thanks again Bud, you are doing a GREAT support in here. Cheers.
  4. Fine, install succes but it broke my Win 10 boot i need to fix it with an Win 10 USB...Right now is too late i´ll give it a try tomorrow, aswell i will make some screen captures of my BIOS to see everything is fine. Thanks again Bud.
  5. Done without luck same error appear... What can i do ? When i install Clover into the USB drive to boot the OSX installation, i let the options by default maybe i need to do something with another kind of config...
  6. I gave a try to the whole process and im stuck being not able to reach the OSX Installer: Larger Image:
  7. Hello. I have the system you see on my signature. Preety much like the first one in the list of yours. Will this method work fine with it? If it is so what is the next step before install put the DSDT an that´s all ? Thanks in advance. Cheers.