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  1. Mac capture cards

    I'm experiencing the same issue, Current drivers, Mountain Lion 10.8.3 Intensity Pro which works in a real mac pro. OSX is picking up the audio I/O components but the blackmagic tools say no card, same as FCP X.
  2. nVidia GTX460

    There are working nvidia drivers for this card, goto the nvidia website and download the quadro 4000 macintosh drivers. They work fine. I have an ASUS 460GTX running fine here.
  3. Geforce 460GTX Supported!

    I am not using any hacks, just a chameleon bootloader. I Downloaded/Installed the 15-16?/11/2010 drivers for the 4000 quadro cards from nvidia's website. I now have COMPLETELY Working QE/CI Performance is fast and all pixel shaders etc appear to be working! I have a 460GTX which was previously unsupported. That's a GF104 GPU!
  4. nVidia GTX460

    dude, give up on writing your own drivers. Nouveau has been trying to do the same thing for linux for like 3+ years, and they at least knew how to interface their drivers with the OS. Mac OSX's graphics driver interfaces are afaik undocumented (or you'd have to sign an NDA with apple directly not gonna happen for homebrew). If your card isn't supported (I also have 460gtx I share your pain) then you are screwed at the moment. The only hope is if the 13" macbooks get refreshed with a compatible chipset or if the 5xx nvidia cards get a driver which can be used to get the 460 up and running (460 should use same die process as 5xx so it might work).
  5. That's not entirely true. I've done firmware upgrades on my bluray burner from within vmware that did rewrite the hardware code. I've also got a programmable usb joystick I can upload compiled code to in vmware and when I detatch the stick from vmware and reconnect it to linux the profile settings remain. Vmware does interact with real hardware. As far as I know however you are correct with regards to network devices. AFAIK vmware leaves the host system in control of networking.
  6. My remap is stuffing up. I'm getting my Front center channel mapped to my Subwoofer and I have to swap. Also my rear right channel is not working. this is in 4.1 surround configuration which has front left/front right/Rear Left/Rear Right and a Subwoofer. My soundcard is an Audigy 2 Platinum Pro (the one with the external breakout box/remote not the internal drive bay one.)
  7. Is it possible to get a 4.1 channel mode added to the apple midi control panel? I have a 4. surround sound audio system and I can't get the rear right channel to configure properly.
  8. Grabbed two random alc660-vd drivers which claimed to work and combined them and it actually worked. Don't know why it worked specifically so I am posting the driver here for other Asus f9s users. Microphone, headphones etc ALL work. Asus_F9S_Working_Sound.zip
  9. OSX86 on Intel P45 chipset?

    kaykayks bios screwed my pc, managed to hotswap recover. Will try newer bios tomorrow. btw anyone managed ide boot on p5q deluxe? might edit my dvd iso if someone can get me the kexts for the board.
  10. (work) ALC660-vd 10431783 Asus M51SN

    anyone gotten this to work on an asus f9s laptop? I have an alc660-vd audio chipset and I can't get it to work with these instructions.
  11. iATKOS v2.0i released!

    Asus hardware with 965 motherboards does indeed work, simply search the forums for a patched bios and apply to your motherboard. works a charm and osx boots/runs flawlessly.
  12. I'm going to keep bumping this thread until we get a response. we don't want the hda patcher program, we've tried it and it doesn't work. it says it succeeds installs the driver etc, and it doesn't work. what we want is the documentation on how they made the patcher, not howto use it. We want to go in and edit the driver code directly.
  13. how did you get your mic jack working? I just noticed that in your sig. I haven't even got that working atm.
  14. awesome yeah if you get any information about how patching intel hda works I'd definately be interested in it. I don't mind getting my hands dirty in config files.
  15. ALC660

    get your sound working under linux first. I found that in linux my /proc/asound/card0/codec#0 actually changed each time I configured/loaded the driver. The correct codec dump is the one you make when sound is playing correctly on your machine. other codec dumps contain the wrong pinouts.