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  1. 28 minutes ago, MiKM said:

    Sorry, im not experienced in BT hardware in this context. But im planning to buy some PCIe BCM94360CD card from Aliexpress anytime soon for Airdrop etc. I can only tell that people like Rehabman recommended to change BT USB port to internal (cause real macs also do) and by feedback from users that confirmed it to work. I rather put my system to sleep than shutdown/coldstart it every time. Because of that, before buying new hardware, im checking out for any trouble it may cause on sleep/wake etc...;)Google also says a lot of real mac users seem to get problems on 3rd party BT mice as well. Check that options here.

    At least for me and my ASUS Z170M-Plus (current DSDT by MaLd0n) sleep/wake works superb. No strange instant wakes or hangs after wake. It just works perfectly reliable:) (Wake on LAN and Power Nap are disabled in energy settings).

    USB type C port is not in my SSDT-UIAC or Info.plist. I don't need it, yet. But it should be like any other port to inject: enable port limit patch, insert usb type-C device and check out IORegistryExplorer for SSxx ports being used in XHC device etc.

    I have a magic mouse 2, I can confirm Airdrop, handoff, BT/Wifi connect all well, only cannt wake system with BT, you can check out model BCM94360CS2 / BCM943602CS too

  2. 5 hours ago, MiKM said:

    For general port injection, you are right. It's easier than SSDT way.
    Essentially i was trying to say that Sleep + USB wake + USB BT can work together if he configures the usb port he's using for usb bluetooth to internal type. And, as far as i know, SSDT or info.plist config file is the only way to do this.

    // Okay, i added BT and waterpump ports by ioreg of @Twa. Both ports are "internal" now. At least BT Sleep problems can be solved this way. If it still doesn't work, the pump needs to get off the usb port.


    internal = 255 (0xFF) yours is 0x02 its ok ?

    First test, yes it worked, Sleep then Wake by USB keyboard is ok now (Wake by Bluetooth mouse didnt work)

    Have you a USB type-C adapter to test USB-C port ?


  3. 1 hour ago, MaLd0n said:




    u have a water cooler with usb cable?

    Wow that file made me got Panic X( I have to run to Windows to remove it. 

    Yes i use a water cooler with usb connect to mainboard.

    I know the wake came from USB device, I have do some test time ago, the only reason is my bluetooth card (its combined in Wifi card plug to MB over PCIE, aslo has a USB connect from this card to MB too) That why you can see  Bluetooth connect over USB in my system log. I have tried disable Wake by Bluetooth device in System Preferences, but no change. Because Bluetooth chipset waked up system itself over usb connect, not by bluetooth devices.


    It will be easy if i patch DSDT to shutdown all USB power after sleep (usb_prw_0x6d_xhc remove _PWR patch by RehabMan), system can sleep without wake. But then it only wake by PowerButton. not by any USB/Bluetooth mouse/keyboard anymore.

  4. 11 minutes ago, MaLd0n said:

    run in terminal, paste result here

    log show --style syslog | fgrep "Wake reason"


    Dangs-Mac-Pro:~ Pein$ log show --style syslog | fgrep "Wake reason"
    2018-03-14 04:56:26.950638+0100  localhost kernel[0]: (AppleACPIPlatform) Wake reason: XHC
    2018-03-14 04:56:26.950639+0100  localhost kernel[0]: (AppleACPIPlatform) Wake reason: XHC
    2018-03-14 04:56:35.065648+0100  localhost kernel[0]: (AppleTopCaseHIDEventDriver) [HID] [ATC] AppleDeviceManagementHIDEventService::processWakeReason Wake reason: Host (0x01)
    2018-03-14 04:56:41.838254+0100  localhost kernel[0]: (AppleTopCaseHIDEventDriver) [HID] [ATC] AppleDeviceManagementHIDEventService::processWakeReason Wake reason: Host (0x01)


  5. Some anime logo i have made for Banner, Win10 (animeID=27) and Sierra (animeID not found yet hope someone know it :() logo. its fit with El Capitan theme by CosmosCJ


    BONUS: High Sierra Backround :)



    High Sierra blur.png.zip



    Creating and using Animations

    Clover supports animated images like this ( ©iDark Soul )



    I am not proposing you will make full Micky Mouse cartoon. The purpose of animation is to make GUI appearance a slightly better. What is the difference between 3D ball and colored oval? Motion!

    See anime in metal theme. This is 3D anime while the screen is flat.


    Swinging buttons will acquire volume.

    What is the difference between gray/white and metal/glass? Blinking and sparkle!

    At your fantasy and talent to make the appearance beauty.


    Theme.plist will contain a section

    ID of anime.

    #Logo		 (1)
    #About	    (2)
    #Help		 (3)
    #Options	  (4)
    #Graphics   (5)
    #CPU		 (6)
    #Binaries	 (7)
    #DSDT		 (8)
    #BOOT Sequence	  (9)
    #Apple    (21)
    #WinXP    (22)
    #Clover    (23)
    #Linux    (24)
    #BootX64.efi  (25)
    #Vista    (26)
    #Recovery   (30)
    #Tiger    (34)
    #Leopard   (35)
    #Snow Leopard  (36)
    #Lion    (37)
    #Mountain Lion   (38)
    #Lynx  (39)
    It means that if you want to make animated picture over Help image (book in the scrren) you should assign ID=3


    IDs from 20 to 40 correspond to os_xxx.icns and will played over them.

    For example the cat above must have ID=38.



    It is folder name for the anime image set and a part of each file name

    See black_green theme


    The folder /Anim_1_Logo_IntroOutro/ contains files:




    And so on.

    Files naming rule is strict: AnimePath_NUM.png where NUM is 3 digits frame number.



    A full number of frames in the animation. But you can have less files.

    black_green theme contain 94 files while Frames=381.

    It means absent frames. In this example after frame 46 the frame 193 will follow. Instead of all missing frames first will shown.



    This is pause between frames in milliseconds.

    In the example above frame 46 will be shown 193-46=147 times by 25 milliseconds = 3.675seconds before changed to frame 193.



    If ID=1 is loading bar so whats ID of banner (i mean clover logo) ?