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  1. Everything is exfat, except the OS partition of course.
  2. So this one is bizarre. Two of my four SATA connected (internal) hard drives have incredibly slow read/write. I downloaded Blackmagic Disk Speed Test and on these two drives I get somewhere between 3-4 MB/s write speeds, other two drives are somewhere between 80-100MB/s and even if that's slow compared to other people, I can deal with that. Everything was fine when I had Windows on this box, obviously, so it's not an issue with the drives themselves. No idea where to even begin with this... The motherboard is a IONITX-G-E which has 4 SATA 3.0 Gb/s ports. Hmmm, what else can I tell you?
  3. I figured since I couldn't get it working. Anything happening on this front? I have a NVIDIA ION with ALC662 (and 9400M) onboard and I'm looking to get HDMI working. The testing plist is the closest I've seen to at least tackling the problem and I was really hoping for a solution. Anything I can try myself? I messed around with the ID's to match my hardware but of course it wasn't that simple. That's why I wanted to know what exactly PathMapID does. Do we know how AppleHDA tries to match up the hardware to the resource files contained in the kext? Any documentation available on the functions that are called (for the assertions that are failing)? I'd like to help.
  4. Quick question. I downloaded ALCHDASeries_Lion_V1.03.zip which contains layout6622.xml, however LayoutID 6622 is not mentioned anywhere else. (and there is no accompanying ConfigData in ALCHDASeries.kext/Info.plist) How is this file supposed to be used or what is the purpose of it? And a general question. What does PathMapID represent? Thanks,
  5. Hi, I got 10.7 (and 10.7.3) installed on my IONITX-G-E (ALC662 - I *believe*, not 100%). Everything works great except the sound over HDMI which is crucial in the HTPC role this hackintosh will play. The closest I've gotten has been with VoodooHDA 2.7.x which will at least show all the different output devices/ports, including HDMI, but won't play any sound. My volume bar is then also greyed out. Everything else either does nothing or gives me a kernel panic. Any ideas? Please help!