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  1. Asakura

    X Men 3 - set up for a sequel?

    I find it odd how they didn't follow the story line really (I'M COMPLETELY OK WITH THAT) but I meant for the death parts I guess. Xavier dies by some other guy in the original series, weird how phonix would obliderate (excuse my spelling) him. I honestly hope they bring in another though, still more characters to introduce aswell.
  2. Asakura

    Kingdom Hearts II - Secret Ending

    Actually..come to think of it he kind of does look a little like Leon o.o I'm all for a Roxas and Namine story, but I doubt that'll happen, would be sweet though *thumbs up*
  3. Asakura

    X Men 3 - set up for a sequel?

    Yeah, the ending kinda gave it away (hint) for a sequal. That would be pretty sick too, to bring in Gambit, see more of Shadowcat, nightcrawler, Arch angel and bring in some new chars from evolution AKA Wolfsbane! even though shes not an original....at least i think shes not.....*ponders* to many awsome chars though, i really hope they make another. People are saying no yet others say there will be a huge series to come, dont know who to believe.
  4. Bullet For My Valentine, Awsome band if you love metal/rock.
  5. Asakura

    Jet Li Fearless Coming Friday

    I agree, great movie, went with a few friends. Lots of action and not a lot of talking = Perfect friday flick *two thumbs up*.
  6. Asakura

    Kingdom Hearts II - Secret Ending

    Ok, heres a picture of that guy with the cracked helmet. SPOILER!!! (if you wanna wait to see him in the game then dont click the link!) http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v216/Str...8ryuhnilnkl.jpg Yes..looks like Sora neh? perhaps him in the future, maybe his son or perhaps it's Roxas..not certon though. The creator did say the three characters at the start are not Sora, Riku, or Kairi..but he didn't say that they wouldn't appear in it completely. Also, Kairi was not created by Ansem...actually the very though of that just scares me...very much...I will have nightmares from now on. Ahem! Anyhow, She was born in Hallow Bastion, you see her younger self in a clip when Sora first enters the library in KH1. Hallow Bastion used to be known as Radiant Garden, which was a prosperous town before Xemnas came into existance. I also believe KH3 might revolve around Roxas and Namine, but it's just my guessing. I look forward to more spoilers.