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  1. I have 10.5.6 installed using iPC live disk. Things are working fine... I have a gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L, and i'm using the modbin 10.4 kernel... after moderate use to make sure things were working I installed Logic and started up my Presonus Firewire Interface through an SB Audigy Firewire port... everything seemed to work fine. Presonus showed up no problem. Logic wouldn't record...kept giving me an error about permission, so I set permission to read/write for everything (entire disk), then it recorded perfectly. After a while, I restarted my computer and from that point on it wouldn't load no matter what I tried. no safe mode, nothing. Single-user mode showed an error, ERROR: FireWire unable to determine security-mode: defaulting to full-secure, then my system would just restart. Does the Presonus need to be turned off in a special way? I just hit the power in the back...does it need to unmount like disks do? Is it a problem with the SB Audigy's firewire port? My Audigy doesn't show up in "Sounds" but I don't really want to use it for anything other than the firewire port. Thanks for any help or suggestions...been spending a week on this, no results. P.s. system specs if anyone needs em: cpu: Intel Q6660 OC'd to 3ghz mobo: Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L mem: 8GB 800mhz Vid: GeForce 9600GT (QE working without a prob - darwin) Aud: built in Firewire: using a SoundBlaster Audigy for it's FW port HDD: 4 - All SATA main MacOSX drive is a seagate 1TB
  2. superagent

    problems galore

    This sites registration and login engines need to be completely redone. I can never log in. I can't register because I get an error (tried on several PC's), I can't post topics or replies. I don't know what's going on, but this is probably the most difficult forum i've ever tried to post in. Also, I think an automated, by email validation system would be better suited for such a site. Is that how it's set up? can't remember... but I never got an email when I tried re-registering. (I couldn't log in, thought my account was deactivated, so tried creating a new one).
  3. superagent

    scroll wheel

    i'm running osx on a gateway 200arc. only 2 probs... one, no dvd's play (can't fix that because there are no drivers yet for video), but the other is my touchpad. it has a scroll button that i'd really like to get working. I think the touchpad is a synaptics... anyway to get this working? I should mention, the scroll button does work as a middle mouse button. when I click it, i can scroll. but i want it to function as an actual scroll button (how it's suppose to).
  4. superagent

    problem with lilo

  5. superagent

    problem with lilo

    so, I have windows, mac osx, and backtrack linux installed on my laptop. I can boot into each one using acronis...but I want to use lilo because of problems i've had with acronis... i installed lilo...and I can boot to linux and windows through it. but when I try to boot osx it boots to windows instead. i've added the line other=/dev/hda2 (my osx installation) label=MacOSX which is what i've read from multiple forums...but regardless, it boots to windows. anyone know why? and how I can boot osx using lilo?
  6. superagent

    atheros wlan miniPCI

    I've been searching for hours now... I'd just like to know which Atheros based miniPCI cards work out of the box without any hassle. anyone have any knowledge of this?
  7. superagent

    Has Vista fullfilled your expectations?

    Vista is a big let down. I'm running it on both a desktop and laptop... first off the support for pro audio is worthless. it's just not a good OS for recording musicians. it requires twice the memory xp required...so it's really sluggish on my 1.4ghz 512mb laptop. then there's this whole Basic-to-Ultimate thing. a complete sham. I think it will take a long time for majority to transition to Vista. I think people KNOW Vista was created to benefit MS and not the user...and I think people are just tired of being reamed by MS.
  8. I have a Maudio Delta66 soundcard which is compatible with both Mac and PC, downloaded the mac drivers from Maudio's site, but the soundcard isn't being detected...the Maudio software installs, but won't launch because the card isn't detected. any ideas on how I can get this working? osx is entirely worthless for me without this card. btw-i'm running OSX 10.4.7 on an intel chipset board w/a P4 3.0ghz processor (SSE 2). ... just noticed the hardware section....sorry, will repost this there. but feel free to answer if you know how I can fix this problem...thanks.