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  1. Anybody has done a sucessfull instalation on this bios type? I dont know if there is anything more important in setting than setting ONCHIP SATA TYPE to AHCI (ahci / native ide / raid)? if you get some experience with installing on this type, please leave me a info what i have setted wrong. i end up on iatkos s3 v2 STILL WAITING FOR ROOT DEVICE, ihazaard 10.6.6i NOT A INTEL PLATFORM: RESTART FIX NOT APPLIED... i have found that SL 10.6.2_SSE2_SSE3_Intel_AMD_by_Hazard was succesfully installed on nvidia GTX460 & AMD CPU, but i have something wrong setted up on my mainboard, i get restarted computer on beginning of install process immedietely after entering -v -x on custom boot screens of BIOS if you get familiar with that, please let me know what setup to start well:
  2. vonkuttenberg

    Dell M4400 (E6500) MAC OSX 10.6.2

    anybody sucesfully installed snow leopard on dell m4400? from which source you installed the system? clean retaild dvd?
  3. vonkuttenberg

    Dell M4400 (E6500) MAC OSX 10.6.2

    which version have you installed, any additional kexts? i have not found anything usable about installing snow leopard. thanks for any info.