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  1. Welcome!

    Actually, I would say to wait. If you are new to Mac, just wait about 16 days, go to the Apple store, buy the Leopard DVD, and click install. It will save you a lot of headaches.
  2. Bugs in 9a559

    iLife should work now due to the updates! Safari is still annoying, and I just started to get the software update bug...also, downloads don't show up in the download window of FireFox...they work, but I can't see progress or owt.
  3. Bugs in 9a559

    Alright, so there are only two bugs listed (and they just released the printer drivers)For me, GarageBand won't work and when I start a download in Safari, pages stop loading and the download stops after about 5 secs. EDIT: AND...when I quit apps, sometimes I will see a purple or yellow flash and then the dock will duck down and rise back up...weird
  4. Scroll a text box

    thanks I actually realized this about an hour after the post...but thanks anyhow.
  5. Why does the iPhone suck so much?

    I find it lasts an entire day of full use. Yesterday, I started at 7 am with a full charge, used the internet almost non-stop...or atleast for a few hours in total (I was at a seminar), and the phone had not died before I got back to charge it at 10:00. If I am not going to be at my computer for a day to sync/charge it, I will at least be in my car.
  6. Scroll a text box

    Let's say that you are editing the information in a text box and that the text expands outside of the four lines that the web dev left you to use. How can you scroll this form?
  7. Accidentally Deleted Safari!

    check your PMs...i sent you a little present a while ago...
  8. Is It Possible?

    The UI does grow on you after a while...and, all of the regular apps for editing the UI should be updated to run with Leopard at some point. (quicksilver, etc)
  9. a little birdie says....

    This is slightly off topic...so don't respond to it...but Abbey road live webcam: http://www.abbeyroad.co.uk/virtual_visit/webcam/
  10. a little birdie says....

    another little birdie gave me the following seed notes (I have no idea where he got them) Known Limitations: - Any main executables (not dylibs) built for 10.5 (but not 10.4 or earlier) won't run on Leopard seeds older than the WWDC seed. Older Leopard binaries will still run on this latest seed, but not the other way around. - Upgrades from previous releases and archive installs are not working. Please perform a clean install and migrate your settings if needed. - Users with ATI graphics cards may see corruption in Terminal when scrolling. - Unable to log in after enabling FileVault. Enabling the root user to login should work around this, but FileVault is not recommended in this seed. - Non-default AirPort preferences are not fully functional and modifying the Airport settings in the Network Preference Pane may lead to a crash. - PowerPC systems with more than 1GB of RAM may experience panics when using AirPort. - Users with a NVIDIA GeForce 8600M graphics card may experience graphics related sluggishness, mouse cursor corruption, and possible problems waking a machine from sleep. - DirectoryService may hang and cause your system fan to spin or slow down. Workaround is to run "sudo killall DirectoryService" in Terminal. - Videos purchased from the iTunes Store will not play in iTunes. - Mail hangs when using the Photo Browser. - If you migrate your system settings after installing, clicking the items in the Dock may attempt to launch the previous versions which could fail. Workaround is to remove the failing item from your Dock and re-add the latest version. - Software Update may crash in certain situations. Create a "/Library/Printers/" directory to work around this. - QuickTime for Java is no longer accessible from either unsigned Java applets or from unsigned WebStart applications. - Installing Parallels will make your machine unusable. It's sometimes possible to workaround this by booting into another volume and running "sudo chmod 1775 /Volumes/<broken Leopard volume>" in Terminal. - Adobe CS2 fails to install if you don't install any printer drivers. - Unable to install Final Cut Studio & Final Cut Pro 6.0.
  11. a little birdie says....

    a little birdie also said that it can NOW MAKE YOUR TAIL CURL
  12. Leopard will be released on Oct. 31st?

    From the product page on Amazon: PLEASE NOTE: This product is expected to ship sometime in October. We will update the site with more specific information as soon as it is available, including system requirement details.
  13. a little birdie says....

    sounds promising. Any word on when sneaky non-developers may have their "tails curl" over this?
  14. 9a499

    The new build has been seeded http://www.macrumors.com/2007/07/25/apple-...-to-developers/ Edit: I guess people on this forum already knew that it was up (I jsut read some other posts)....but hopefully this thread can contain some release notes and screenshots.
  15. We can tell your political persuasions...