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  1. System ID? (Korg)

  2. Is there an alternative to EFI Studio and fixing this problem? ::: I know 10.4.8 is pretty old now, but I don't really want to go up to Leopard on the machine, since it's not used for anything other than a USB keyboard. The solution to the problem for those whom can run EFI studio seems pretty straight forward: 1. Download EFI Studio 1.1 2. Install EFI Studio 3. Run it. Then: 1) In paragraph "Select Device:" select the Ethernet 2) Press the button "Add Device" 3) In the Editor click "write to com.apple.Boot.plist", enter the password for the admin, and after all the operations carried out by closing the program 4) reboot 5) and then all over again as before, only with the successful receipt of your id ...but my device is already on en0 & says it's 'built in ethernet' in the dev manager.... Any alternative to the above would be great. I'm trying to get this back into our little music studio. Thanks.
  3. System ID? (Korg)

    Got this hackintosh ethernet set as en0, even shows up in the System Profiler as 'built in ethernet', but still a no go for the Korg app ; gives me the dreaded 0-00000 ..... Can't run some of the fixes posted here, because this is an old stand alone synth hackintosh ; and it's running 10.4.8 still so most of the app solutions posted will not run. com.apple.boot.plist <dict> <key>Kernel</key> <string>mach_kernel</string> <key>Kernel Flags</key> <string></string> <key>Boot Graphics</key> <string>Yes</string> </dict> </plist> NetworkInterfaces.plist <dict> <key>Interfaces</key> <array> <dict> <key>BSD Name</key> <string>en0</string> <key>IOBuiltin</key> <false/> <key>IOInterfaceType</key> <integer>6</integer> <key>IOInterfaceUnit</key> <integer>0</integer> <key>IOLocation</key> <string></string> <key>IOMACAddress</key> <data> ABGVwMHB </data> <key>IOPathMatch</key> <string>IOService:/AppleACPIPlatformExpert/PCI0@0/AppleACPIPCI/PCI1@1E/IOPCI2PCIBridge/ethernet@A/skgeosx/IOEthernetInterface</string> </dict> <dict> <key>BSD Name</key> <string>fw0</string> <key>IOBuiltin</key> <false/> <key>IOInterfaceType</key> <integer>144</integer> <key>IOInterfaceUnit</key> <integer>0</integer> <key>IOLocation</key> <string></string> <key>IOMACAddress</key> <data> ABEGAAAAPM4= </data> <key>IOPathMatch</key> <string>IOService:/AppleACPIPlatformExpert/PCI0@0/AppleACPIPCI/PCI1@1E/IOPCI2PCIBridge/pci1106,3044@B/AppleFWOHCI/IOFireWireController/IOFireWireLocalNode/IOFireWireIP/IOFWInterface</string> </dict> </array> </dict> </plist> Could IOLocation / IOBuiltin be the problem with my NetworkInterfaces.plist file? Thanks to those whom have worked hard to post solutions to this problem. Being able to run EFI Studio would fix this, so is there an alternative?
  4. They say installing an ethernet device fixes the problem because it's getting the locking code from that -- but apparently that's not working for me, after spending hours getting an ethernet card to work ; I still get 0-00000. Anyone? This is a great piece of Music synth software I still use on my dual g5. here's the thread that's discussing the 0-00000 problem btw: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=200776
  5. Marvell Yukon 8001 - the driver

    Hey thanks for posting. Works great for my Dlink DGE-530T rev. A1 on Jas 10.4.8 once I followed your instructions for the install after changing the DEV ID to 0x4c001186.
  6. Hopefully someone can shed some light on this issue. I've tried Leo4All v2, Kally, and 10.4.5 Hot ISO - none will allow me to even get to the installation menu, the machine just continually reboots. I know I need to give more info on this so when I'm in the office later I'll try to publish the darwin command line it's restarting on. Spec wise, here's what I've got: Intel i7 Quad Core CPU ASUS P6T Deluxe Motherboard 6GB DDR3 Memory BFG Nvidia GTX 260 Video (896mb)
  7. Netgear WG311T & JaS 10.4.6

    I'm going nuts trying to get my Netgear WG311T to work with 0sx86. It's listed in the wiki as a 'plug and play airport' 'Nice!' which is so far from the truth for me. First it showed up in finder (icon next tot he clock) but wouldn't show in network prefs / but would show under profiler as a network card. Now with files from 10.4.5 (io80211.kext) my card would show up. But once I replaced the iopcifamily.kext & ionetworkingfamily.kext with the one from 10.4.5 it no longer shows up in profiler as a network card and the airport icon is gone. When I replaced ionetworkingfamily.kext with the file from 10.4 on my install cd ; back came the airport icon next to the clock ; and it shows as a ethernet card under PCI cards in the Profiler. type: ethernet controller bus: PCI slot : PCI2 Vendor ID: 0x168c Device ID: 0x0113 Subsystem Vendor ID: 0x1385 Subsystem ID: 0x5a00 Revision ID: 0x0001 When I click 'AirPort Card' the window where info should be says 'there was an error while gathering this information'. Any more suggestions on how to make this card work ? I've tried everything here. Been at it since 5am. Blah!
  8. PrismGT working: release!

    Doesn't work for me, on a Prism GT Based Linksys USB WUSB54g ; v1. Get the same error: 14WiFiController is not compatible with its superclass, 20IOEthernetController superclass changed? kextload: a link/load error occured for kernel extension /System/Library/Extensions/GTDriver.kext load failed for extension /System/Library/Extensions/GTDriver.kext (run kextload with -t for diagnostic output) anyone have a solution to this error, I didn't error with the larger GTdriver.dmg (2mb) ; but wifigui never showed up.
  9. I understand that the v4's of the WUSB54G's work, (Thanks Kr.) but will the v1's of this USB wireless device ever work? The ralink chipset isn't used in the v1's; so what is? And is there any way it will ever work with OSX86? Don't have a wireless bridge so currently I am bridging wireless through a server out to 10BT. Powering up 2 computers just to have high speed is gettin' kinda lame. If I can't get this to work I'll give up and buy a wireless bridge. Many thanks in advance! Capth00k
  10. Kelvin; Which model SB ext. works with OSX86? There are quite a few different models, even a fancy one with surround & remote sorry answered my own q's easily on this forum with other posts: Soundblaster Live 24 bit external seems to be the best, cheap solution. Any one else have a good USB sound device that works?
  11. What network cards work?

    ECS 848P-A7 board's onboard LAN is supported by OSX86, and shows up as "Built in Ethernet"