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  1. HP 6520s, 6720s, 6820s, 550 SL Install Package

    hello i had to give up with Snow Leopard and revert back to 10.5.8 as the x3100 video drivers for Snow Leopard are not 100% used to suffer many panics when accessing OpenGL part of programs like CS5 ,CS3 ,also frequent panics when editing photographs in iPhoto . the panic message always pointed to the video drivers . 10.5.7/8 works flawlessly so until a solution to 100% working drivers for Snow Leopard 10.6 to 10.6.4 appear 10.5.7/8 is best for me right now on HP 6720S .
  2. HP 6520s, 6720s, 6820s, 550 SL Install Package

    after some weeks of using the 10.6.3 and 10.6.4 i began to get random black screen of death mostly whilst using CS5 .CS5 is problematic with Snow Leopard with neither apple or adobe wanting to admit it is there problem. so tired of the random crashes which after much reading lies in the Open GL . i reverted back to 10.6.2 and used your patched driver 2a12 pkg ,also I run everything and I boot in 64 bit mode i have no problems at all running in 64 bit mode with your drivers on 10.6.2 .100% stable in 64 bit mode full resolution i use a external desktop monitor at 1980x1080 . On 10.6.3 / 10.6.4 64bit mode i get kp at boot up and 32 bit mode I get random black screen of death after 2 or 3 hours .
  3. HP 6520s, 6720s, 6820s, 550 SL Install Package

    celeron here only using bootup cd v2 from BlackCH and retail disk to install then run 10.6.4 combo then 2a12 patcher thats it apart from the modded dsdt for fan control
  4. HP 6520s, 6720s, 6820s, 550 SL Install Package

    as they say in turkish Tesekkurler (thank you) .i changed the values to see if i could get fan to run all the time this worked 0x64, 0x55, 0x50, 0x48, Zero, Zero now I just play around with the numbers to fine tune it , and I got a cool machine running . Its ok I do understand about undervolting to achieve better temperatures but not an option on this cpu . once again big thanks ( cok cok sagol tesekkurler )
  5. HP 6520s, 6720s, 6820s, 550 SL Install Package

    thanks yes I have read about AppleACPIThermal.kext and native speedstep but I want to get the fan actually running frequently ,speedstepping is not the way to go on a celeron I think .i really looking for solution to keep fan running noise is not an issue here .
  6. HP 6520s, 6720s, 6820s, 550 SL Install Package

    REQUEST some help please . I cannot get the cooling done right on the HP 6720S under 10.6.4 or 6.3 . It has a Celeron 1.73GHz CPU .I have read through this thread but it is so unclear as each posts seems to go off to another problem or idea about 6720s. really would appreciate some help if possible . I live in istanbul where the humidity is really high at times room temps hit 30c at times outside hits a 40c in the sun and shade .I even have a notebook cooler that doesn't really do a decent job when the humidity rises. I would just like to get the fan running more frequently it only comes when it hits 80 or when I come out of sleep it stays for about 5 seconds or when cools down to 70. brian
  7. HP 6520s, 6720s, 6820s, 550 SL Install Package

    thanks learnt about that afterwards but will remember next time .. tesekkurler .brian
  8. HP 6520s, 6720s, 6820s, 550 SL Install Package

    well it was there causing a panic ,so i used the Retail disk to get to terminal and REMOVE it . it was in S/L//E .
  9. HP 6520s, 6720s, 6820s, 550 SL Install Package

    10.6.4 upgrade installed with combo update success ,however important to remove SleepEnabler.kext before rebooting after applying update otherwise it will panic at boot up!!! thanks again BlackCH..
  10. HP 6520s, 6720s, 6820s, 550 SL Install Package

    bLACKch what is your cooling method which Kexts are you using because voodoopowermini is not loading after reboots. appreciate if you could advise the best cooling solution. brian
  11. GMA X3100 not working right after 10.6.3

    try using the GMAx3100 2a12 patcher from here
  12. HP 6520s, 6720s, 6820s, 550 SL Install Package

    well firstly let me say I have been curiously watching this thread for a while now ,and I am glad to tell you I have a fully functional HP 6720S with Snow Leopard 10.6 thanks to your v2 cd you just released. I had perfect 10.5.8 on this machine it became main user machine , however curiosity got the better of me so i bought a retail disk to work with your boot up cd . i followed instructions to the line yet it kept hanging on a blue screen or non functional keyboard and mouse after applying your installer once I applied and installed the 10.6.3 COMBO ! So I started again every time 5 times i got the same result ,the last time I decided not to install the 10.6.3 Update i just let the 10.6 retail install finish and applied your Hp install and patched the video for resolution 1280x 800 AND SUCCESS 100% . whilst im happy to have fully functional snow leopard on hp 6720s i am baffled that is breaks after the 10.6.3 UPDATE any ideas ?? on that thanks for all your persistent hard work wouldnt have it running without the HP boot cd you released yesterday. update slight alteration to applying 10.6.3 update instead of applying 10.6.3 update after successful install with your boot disk and 10.6 retail i applied your hp installer then rebooted then ran the combo 10.6.3 update let it do its thing and reboot then applied your x3100 patch for video result 100% 10.6.3 thanks to your cd ,full brightness control working will look at temps once I installed a few programs . brian scre.tiff
  13. Intel x3100(0x2a12) Trying to enable QE/CI

    downloaded the kexts and opengl from Jackhair above and finally have QE/CI/ Res ,i have had full res 1280x800 for about 4 weeks but until i downloaded that bundle i never had a full working HP 6720S with QE/CI using 10.5.8 .thanks very much and lesson learnt here is many have only part working solutions when installing kexts and most solutions I found dont go into changing the OpenGl in the framework folder only applying kexts in the extension folder. so download above if you are using HP 6720S install the x3100 kexts into extension folder and replace the openGl folder in the framework folder. next challenge is snow leopard when time permits but if aint broke i wont fix it so 10.5.8 for a while. ps HP Compaq 6720s is a perfect machine for OSX86 installs original 10.5.7 Iatkos V7 installed first time without a glitch only had to patch VGA driver for X3100 .installed 10.5.8 combo without any problems at all .