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  1. Problem with vmware to native

    Yes same here, tried same Vmware configuration that works fine with JaS 4.7 ...weird stuff, would be interested to know whats the problem..i have intel system(P4 nortwood, asus p4p800 mobo) ...
  2. "no smoking sign" durring boot...

    Its a kernel panic
  3. Yes, thats what i ment, that this slowness only seem to occurs on SSE2, which me and other complainers have ...
  4. My hardware is same as yours and i get 120fsp on opegl. I have CRT monitor and running 85Hz, and i even then got the 60fps, so it was not because vsync issues. Do you have TFT with 60Hz? First check if its capped to 60fps because the vsync ... I got my 60 -> 120 opengl boost from updating my whole OSX to 1.4.8, besides kernel + couple .kextts...all frameworks i have is from real apple combo .4.8 (check the 99% pure 4.8 installation guides) ...that speeded my openGL score. My Quartz scores are still in the same ballbark as yours and the "slowness" can be seen example using firefox and some apps as the other poster mentioned. I would like to know if this firefox etc slowness is becauase SSE2 / SSE3 emulatoin issue or what ...because i havent heard anyone with sse3 + ci/qe having this slownesss when using real appz ...
  5. OS X Thinks My 3 Ghz CPU is 3.6 GHz

    Same here with my 2.4@3.0GHz Northwood ...no worrys
  6. I had done the longer route with this guide. Now with exp6, i just slapped the Apples Intel Combo using its own insaller, and re-replaced the Paulicats AppleSMBIOS.kext. That was all i did, rebooted and it made two reboots and system works just fine! Even better, because my score on QE/CI openGL jumped from 77fps to 120fps ! W00t !
  7. The easiest way to install?

    Just like that, you go and get a Mac PRo? You must be loaded with money Have fun !
  8. Just a quick update: This issue is now fixed with the newest exp6 semthex kernel !
  9. I am using the OpenGL.Framework from Apple's 10.4.8 Combo..thats the only one which give me working QE/CI ..anyways, when the acceleration is on, Quicktime doesnt play .mp4 or h.264 content at all. No other player except VLC Intel build are working good with video. I would like to know how many users with SSE2 + QE/CI are experiencing this same ... My Graphics card info shown in this picture: http://mbnet.fi/pviljaka/osx86_woot.jpg Here is a small .mp4 video for example that shows the bug i'm talking. http://mbnet.fi/pviljaka/osx86.mp4 Mine non working setup gives me these results like this: Please report your results too. Btw, if you have same errors like me, it should play OK with VLC Intel build found here: http://nightlies.videolan.org/build/macosx-intel/ (use the latest branch versions).
  10. Extract (use pacifist) the OpenGL.framework from inside the Apple 10.4.8 Combo update.dmg. Delete (or backup) your current /System/Library/Frameworks/OpenGL.framework/ ...then copy the new one to replace it. Just make sure file permissions stays root:wheel after copying...simple eh?
  11. A Guide to 8.8.1 SSE2

    I followed this guide and got it working too! Seems "everything" works good including skype without any extra messing of frameworks besides OpenGL. EDIT: just found that the quicktime version that comes with the 4.7 can playback some videos, but at least .mp4 and .mov's that are h.264, video goes wacky ...i'm not sure if its safe to try to update quicktime so i will leave it for the future, here is a screenshot what it looks like:
  12. 10.4.7 with Semthex SSE2 kernel (beta9)

    I'm going to try and update 10.4.7 using "JaS.10.4.8.SSE2.Intel.Only.Combo.Update" and then just replace the kernel..lets see what happens...
  13. 10.4.7 with Semthex SSE2 kernel (beta9)

    Same problem occured here, paniced, something about ACPI .. what 10.4.8 the thread starter used?
  14. 10.4.7 with Semthex SSE2 kernel (beta9)

    Yes, he is using 10.4.7 installation but using extensions from the 10.4.8 + beta9 kernel with sse2 support.