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  1. I'm going to have to start my first post on this forum with an apology. I've tried hard to find an easy entry point here, but to no avail. Not sure where I'm supposed to ask this question- or where to look- most of these posts are for really advanced users who have already had success with getting OSX running on thier machines and have extremely intricate issues. I'm in the research phase prior to purchasing new PC hardware, and want to be able to run OSX as well, but it seems most of the posts here refer to older motherboards which wouldn't make a good investment for me to purchase at this point. USB3 motherboards are here, and I have no idea if they'll work with OSX. Is there any kind of rule which determines whether or not a board will work? Or is it all simply trial and error? Are some brands easier to install with or more stable than others? Please point me to the beginners area so I can ask these questions of the right people... Sorry again & I hope to be joining the ranks of you power-users in a few weeks! =)