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  1. Great Job. I think there is one thing that will make this PERFECT (at least for me ). I'm thinking.... Bootable, especially concerning the Kernels/Extensions/and Disk Utilities in the App, this would be very helpful for the Newbies Crashing problems. This would give the app a huge popularity and will make it referenced in almost all pages in the forum for those :censored2: who are posting their problems .
  2. Worth buying a iphone now?

    Any news about when the new iPhone will be released? I heard some news about a mini or nano version of iPhone. any one can confirm?
  3. Any news about when the new iPhone will be released? I heard some news about a mini or nano version of iPhone. any one can confirm?
  4. I have the same issue, I Have Pavilion 6500 The webcam works in iChat but not in Photobooth. It would be great if there is a fix for this somewhere.
  5. The green demon down again

    I'm willing to offer a free hosting space... Contact me if interested.
  6. Hmm yeah, I guess that will do If I need any thing I'll post the results.
  7. Is there any chance that an upgrade from 10.4.8,9,10 into 10.5 Leopard will be avaiable for download?
  8. It also restarts, it ddidn't even boot with -s, but all is fine now, I got it reolved it was a kernel issue after all, I installed with smethex only.
  9. OSX 10.4.8 installs fine, but keeps restarting after loading the kexts. Is there a log file so I can see probably which kext is causing the problem or what might be the problem? I used JaS.10.4.8.SSE3.Intel.Only.iso to install, I don't think its a kernel issue ccuz its not giving me the panic screen. Sorry guys (I tried the search), and I had to go through 150 of 700 pages with no luck. Thanks in advance.
  10. Sony Vaio PCG-GRX670

    An external USB DVD Drive didn't work
  11. Leopard to be released in June!

    /me think hopes that soon enough, apple would be releasing its own x86 architecture Leopard..
  12. This is getting kind of old and stupid. I have 10.4.8 updated to .9 on my desktop, and it runs better than my xp and vista, But I can't take it with me to show it off ... What Do I have? Sony Vaio PCG-GRX670. Kismus Live DVD (10.4.7). Jas DVD 10.4.8. Jas DVD 10.4.6. - - DVD 10.4.1. Xp with Macdrive 6 Installed. The live DVD works fine on my Laptop, It can see the hard drive but can't mount any of the volumes. I already have a partitioned volume that can be viewed and accessed by macdrive, and it s set to be primary so it can be bootable. My question: is there any tool I can use to copy the boot records from another machine (for testing, it doesnn't have to work) or from the dvd to make it bootable? and since it can be viewed by the live dvd, can I plug another the jas dvd and try to run the installation package from it ? Or can I just find a way to take the driver kext from the Live DVD and add it to the Jas's dvd image to try? People with similar issues/thoughts please post, and if anyone got a solution for the root device issue (though I doubt it) please share ur knowledge/
  13. OS X or OSX

    I'm weird, i use OsX...
  14. Universal Requests?

    Not necessarly, maybe a clone (other than the dashboard thingy).