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  1. Hi, I have two working Hackintoshes. My little Atom desktop with the Intel D945GCLF2 motherboard used the custom install ISO and pretty much worked with the first attempt. My Acer Aspire 5315 laptop was another matter. I tried at least three different distributions, learning all the time, before one worked. Now six months later, I am a bit vague on which one I am running. I think it is Leo4All, but I started wondering: If you walk up to a working Hackintosh, are there traces of which OSx86 distribution was used for the installation? If so, where would I look? I am asking because I want to move to Snow Leopard, and I would feel much more comfortable if I knew I could reproduce what I have now. Just not 100% sure what that is... Thanks!
  2. disarli

    Apple: Form vs. Function

    At the recent Startup Lessons Learned conference, one of the speakers quoted Steve Jobs as having once said something like "Design is not just how something looks. Design is how something works." Apparently he was just echoing a meme in the design community: http://www.google.com/#hl=en&source=hp...is+how+it+works There are all sorts of "pretty" products produced these days, but most of them don't actually work as well as they look. Apple manages to take good design all the way to the core of the product.
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    The Ultimate Web Browser

    I don't know about a normal user, but it is hard to imagine developing web apps and web sites without Firefox and its incredible array of tools. I suppose some of those tools leak into the other browsers after awhile, but who can wait for cutting edge tools? Even for mundane things like SEO (search engine optimization), the array of plugins available makes it hard to think of using anything else for real work. Maybe a plain vanilla web surfer can choose from an array of browsers, but for the heavy lifting, it's hard to beat Firefox.
  4. disarli

    Is Steve hurting Apple?

    Jobs is certainly helping in the short term. But long term, how is he going to keep them "down on the farm"? And by that, I mean the sharecropping application developers. I mean, if I have a really hot software idea, the last place I want to build on is rented land in the iPhone/iPad ecosystem (or on Facebook, or on Twitter). The "massa" is never going to let anyone else get rich, or even be free, on *their* land.
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    Cannot enter topic text

    I thought it was some intelligence test for new forum users when making my first required post, since I couldn't even find a cursor or delete the highlighted quoted text. I'm sure it keeps the level of posting down, at least for Firefox users...
  6. This requirement for five posts in existing threads is rather bizarre, but I guess different people have different ideas. Almost two decade old list management software, LISTSERV, solved this problem in a scalable way long, long ago. New users are moderated ("on review") until they have posted some N times. While on review, their posts flow by a moderator before they go public. Everyone else posts directly to the public. Only extremely dedicated spammers bother posting on topic, relevant posts a few times to make it to direct posts. Anyone, spammers or trouble makers, going off the rails is put back on review. The review queue is routed to a team of moderators, round robin, if necessary to handle the load. It is really sad to see modern forum software that promotes garbage posts in existing threads instead of directly addressing the root of the problem.