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  1. KALYWAY 10.5.1 DVD release (the official)

    i installed kalyway succesefully , but the problem that the leopard reconized my laptop as a mac pro , so there is no battery indicatore . i need help ( sorry for my bad english )
  2. iATKOS and OSx86 (FAQ)

    Thank you man , but i don't know how to not install vanilla kernel in the installation , EFI stuff. can you give me the instructions for it . i'm very thankful for your help
  3. iATKOS and OSx86 (FAQ)

    ok man , thank you . But how to not install vanilla stuff ?? thank you again :D
  4. iATKOS and OSx86 (FAQ)

    Where are you people ??? i need your help
  5. iATKOS and OSx86 (FAQ)

    Look , please see the photos and help me with this problem ( the battery ) . because i love leopord and i don't want to delete it . Thank you all so much !!!
  6. iATKOS and OSx86 (FAQ)

    I did that man , but i didn't find the option button . That's why i'm asking you . Help please
  7. iATKOS and OSx86 (FAQ)

    Hi to all Thank you uphuck for your hard work , but i have one problem with your release . It's the battery problem . The leopard doesn't recognize the computer as a laptop . I need to see the battery percentage , you know . please help me . Thank you a lot !!!
  8. Leopard on hp dv6000 laptop

    Thank you guys for your fast reply , i didn't install the ( EFI ) , just the normal one . you didn't answer me about the Ethernet problem ???
  9. Leopard on hp dv6000 laptop

    Hi to all i installed leopard ( KALYWAY 10.5.1 DVD release ) on my laptop ( hp dv312ea ) successfully , but i have two main problems . The first , that the leopard recognized my system as a MAC PRO not a laptop ( macbook or macbook pro ) , so i don't have the ability use the battery options . Second , the Ethernet driver ( Intel ) is not included with the installation DVD and i don't know where i can get it . I hope that you help me . Thank you All
  10. Hi to all First , i'm a beginner in this ( mac os on pc ) . So , i need help . i have an hp laptop dv6312 ea with windows vista , i managed to dual boot windows xp and mac os . The problem that i don't know how to get drivers or how to install them , so i need help . Some people will say that i didn't google ( search ) for it , but i did that . the problem that i didn't understand . For that , i need help .
  11. What wireless cards would you like to see fixed?

    hi , i hope that you can fix the problem of intel 3945 .
  12. prob with cd command ?

    please guys i need to install , But how !!!!!????? help,help,help
  13. prob with cd command ?

    hi guys , i need to install network tulip on mac for the network , and i don't know what is the ( cd command ) so can someone help me please ......... :pirate2: thanks guys