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  1. only feature(s) I care about is - auto temperature sensing fan control - kb/screen light control to save power - the existing KB remapping functionality I'm currently using MBP13 recently bought 2 wks ago, and InputRemapper works for KB key remapping, Fan minimum speed (no auto temp sesnsing), however the KB/screen light is flickery. I have winxpSP3 and Bootcamp 3.1 I most want an auto fan control based on CPU/GPU temperature. Lubbos doesn't seem to work for me (lubbo, I posted in your forum about this).
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    Input Remapper future

    I just got a macbookpro 13" 2 wks ago. unibody, etc.. I'm using InputRemapper, and it's great. I remap the right-alt key to Ctrl, so that I can do Ctrl-Arrow jump the cursor over words in Word and in MSVC++, notepad, etc... The minimum fan speed setting _works_ on my MBP13. I don't know why others are saying it doesn't. The auto screen and KB backlight controls, only sort of work, they are really eratic and blinky, so I disable them. For power saving reasons, so I can get more battery, and save tree, I would LOVE to have an automatic fan control mode that responds to the CPU temp. (feature request!) Also, I would love for the auto light controls to behave nice, to save even more energy. (feature request #2) What else I've tried: Currently I'm using lubbos fan control program, which varies the fan speed automatically with the CPU/GPU temp. (awesome for saving power!) But Lubbos only worked for me once, and now I can't get it to work anymore (it always displays 90deg for the CPU/GPU temps, so I think that's the problem, though you'd think it'd keep the fans on high, but they're just off...). SpeedFan reads Temperature, but doesn't see the fans, nd thus wont control them... InputRemapper is good for setting an Always-On fan, but I'd like to save more energy than that. So... Anyone got an auto fan control that works on the new MBP13?