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  1. I found another problem. It doesn't work with the AppleACPIPlatform.kext from version 10.4.10. I think somebody should make a tutorial to teach us what changes did to the code so we can try build our own version of PowerManagement.bundle.
  2. I have some problems on my acer 5683. First, It doesn't calculate the charging time correctly (the battery is still charging but the icon says "battery full". Second, When i unplug the battery, it still thinks there is a battery connected although it says "no batteries available". This doesn't allow energy saver to switch to "power adapter" settings. I wish i could help the programming of a good working version, but i am just a meteorologist. what happens if you unplug the battery? Does the "power" icon apear?
  3. fanaras

    Pointers for editing PCMCIA extensions

    i think product id goes first. (0xPID VID). you wrote it oposite
  4. fanaras


    There are many "ofline" files. Is it going to be fixed? Are these files lost forever?
  5. fanaras

    MACAM component update

    doesn't work mate. it says that my camera is not connected. My comuter is Acer 5683WLMi -> Acer Orbicam I use Osx 10.4.9, 8.9.1 kernel.