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  1. just in case, what smbios are you using? and clover config? thanks
  2. HA! one thing is not working SHUTDOWN, its keeping restart when i shutdown and shutdown fix in clover wont work here its used dsdt from you in attachement, any ideas how to fix this? DSDT.aml.zip
  3. sooo somehow with luck i managed it working, i dont use all of your clover folders, which u send me, i just used your dsdt.aml with my boot plist and reconfigure it and it works!!!! somehow i can see my PCI devices and it looks everything is working, maybe i can send you my bootlog or something to check it, if everything is ok? but it looks like, thank you very much Mald0n!!!
  4. ive just send you a personal message with the generated file! thank you very much!
  5. good day, i tried it, it boot once, it was great and showing me proper PCI list and everything worked! but after i reboot i cant boot anymore....its showing me this screen and waiting for root device error while booting, crossed circle, what boot args did you used? do you used also intel integrated, or nvidia graphics? what kext do you used? can you help me please?
  6. thank you very much man! i will try it definitely and write if everything is ok! thanks!
  7. Version for win 7/8/10


    hello, if you buyed native OSX ABWB 802.11AC WI-FI With Bluetooth 4.0 PCI-Express (PCI-E) BCM943602CS Combo Card, here are the drivers for windows 7/8/10. enjoy!
  8. so do you finish it? i have the same board
  9. kolejacik

    ALC888S unfortunately? :(

    you have alc888s? and 10.6.4 ???? please send me your kexts which you installed to my email> kolo@k-sten.sk pliiiiiiiizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz