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  1. Question about laptop hardware

    Where should I check to see if this hardware is going to work in any version of OSx86 Leopard? Or if anyone out there just knows, please let me know. Thanks. Intel® Core™ i7-620M processor (2.66~3.33GHz, 35W) w/4M Intel® Smart Cache - 2 Cores, 4 Threads Chipset: Mobile Intel® HM55 Express Chipset Intel® X25-M 80GB SSD Secure Digital (SD/MMC) & MemoryStick/MemoryStick Pro Reader 6GB DDR3/1333MHz System Memory Two SO-DIMM sockets NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 330M Realtek ALC269 Ethernet 10/100/1000BaseT Network (Atheros AR8121) Built in Bluetooth V2.0+EDR (Azurewave AW-BT253) Programmable TouchPad w/with 1 dual zone click button (Sentelic TPA2D2IC99RM0) Express Card Slot Supports Express Card 34/54 Devices
  2. Weird Dashboard bug

    In reply to the first post, if I were you, i'd get my os x install disc and try to replace my dashboard.app with the one of the disc, it looks to me as if your dashboard is damaged. all of the fuzzy, smooth, slick GUI stuff in os x comes from lots and lots of cleverly put together bits and pieces. two of these, the upper left and right hand corner of one of your widgets, are either missing or damaged. can it be "repaired" probably is it remotely worth the hassle? no, just reinstall dashboard. I don't think there is an option on the install disc to straight up....reinstall dashboard, it'll take some digging, post back here if you have problems.
  3. finder modding idea

    what if your desktop were actually safari, and the only thing you had on the screen other than a web page was the toolbar(the place you put in the url) and if you could hit a button (I dunno, whichever function key isn't being used) to toggle between "web-desktop" and "desktop-desktop" would this be hard to do? It really shouldn't be, it'd essentially be a fullscreen web browser opened by pressing a button.
  4. rEFIt install/boot problem

    Here's the setup.... First Generation MacBook 1,1. 2GB ram, 160GB HDD, everything else is stock. on the internal hard drive, I have three partitions. Tiger Leopard Snow Leopard I like choices. Recently, I've been having an affair with Linux Mint 8. On an external USB hard drive (NOT a flash drive) I have two partitions. 1 HPFS+ partition to install rEFIt on and the other partition is where all of the linux madness will go (this one will be made into three partitions actually once linux is done with it) I've installed linux, I've watched it boot (only when I took my internal drive out so the system HAD to boot from the only drive available, which was external) I know it works. I put the internal drive back in where it belongs, boot into OS X, and install rEFIt (.14) to the rEFIt partition I made for it on my linux drive. Moved the 'efi' folder, ran the enable.sh like the readme says, which I've seen work before...but this time...it will not work. Not at all. I have all the ingredients like the rEFIt site says: *External drive *HPFS+ Disk Volume *efi folder *enable script execution from that folder on the external drive I've tried it...over and over...and nothing at all works, I've tried rebooting twice, I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling. When my computer boots, I see a folder with a question mark in it flash for about a half a second, then OS X immediately boots. I remember previously when I saw Linux boot and it was the only drive in the system, it took a few seconds for my macbook to see it had boot data, but it did boot, more than once even. If there's a way I could get the OS X volumes to just....delay by like..10 seconds, maybe that'd be enough time for the efi volume on my external drive to have the proper influence? Any ideas? thanks.
  5. Prevent Windows HD from mounting in OSX?

    I saw earlier up there was mention of not wanting to see ANY hard drives on the desktop. I think it was Onyx, Deeper, or Tinker Tool that actually disable the desktop entirely. Imagine never having clutter. It's fantastic. It's a bit overkill for many people, but it makes using your mac a lot more intense.
  6. Bootcamp install on the new Imac

    This...worries me a lot.....I've heard too many horror stories lately about how Apple's support is becoming worthless. First of all, to everyone, just for the sake of science, I would try to just install Windows, use the WHOLE disk for windows...see what happens......if that works (and it might) wouldn't that mean it's not a bios emulation problem? Then...If I were any of you all who had to work with labs full of iMacs....that means you, or someone you're working for spent a TON OF MONEY on Apple products. You're officially good customers. You have every right to be furious with these people when their product doesn't do what it's supposed to do. If you've been angry, I suggest using that anger towards the end of forcing them to help you. Let Apple know that there are a lot of you, and you all have this problem. Sooner or later, they'll feel the deep-hurting of screwing over their customers by leaving them out in the cold like this. Good luck.
  7. AirPort self-assigned IP address help!

    I get the feeling BeautifulDawn isn't coming back, note the post times. This thread should probably be locked/deleted unless someone (somehow) finds it particularly useful. I seriously doubt the same person is still having the same AirPort issue since Feb 7th 2008. A good solid-googling can clear up most AirPort issues. Why was this thread even posted in the Boot Camp area? There's not even mention of anything multi-boot or boot camp related.
  8. rEFIt ate my drive...!

    I'm confused, you say "second drive" but...unless I'm horribly mistaken, MBP machines only have one hard drive. Do you mean partitions or are you connecting another hard drive externally? In your case, assuming you mean partitions, I'd try to recover as much data as you could from your drive, re-partition it, and start over, be very careful to follow all of the instructions you have available and note every error you run into. Getting multi-boot to work on a mac is hard enough without complicating it with partitions. (I like to keep one OS to a drive, but that's me) I find that trying to get linux and os x to be friends on the same drive is not worth the trouble. I ALMOST had it working harmoniously on my sad old generation 1,1 macbook but it kept wanting to reboot into the OS I use the least, and it was just really annoying, when I tried to fix that, it broke EVERYTHING so....I dunno....rEFIt is....well....version .14 Keep in mind, there are software packages out there which are still unstable WELL after their version 1 milestone. I'm not saying rEFIt is one of those, but I will say that I'm not over-flowing with hope for something that's still in V.14 In my experience, LILO crushes everything in its path, GRUB isn't too different in terms of hostility, and the OS X boot loader either stops GRUB from working, or GRUB stops it from working.
  9. Hide drives in refit

    This might just be the kind of thing that's not supported yet..it might be possible...maybe....if you mess around in the EFI shell that something would be able to cloak a partition, but I haven't see too much documentation there either. In fact, I find when I tried to figure this out, I loaded up the EFI shell in refit, and typed "help" which worked...but...there doesn't seem to be a help/p command like in dos, so I don't know how to see all of the output! I'm sure this is something that could be easily fixed by whomever controls the EFI code. I'd wait for version .15