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  1. Hi Minihack, I've been through this also these days. You name suggests you may be using a HP Mini 311c, because I also have this IDT codec 05761D11? Are you sure about the HDMI codec-id - I found Device ID 10DE-0007 -> 0700DE10 -> 282984455 in the net. Maybe I am wrong... First I tried to figure out what Deviato did, as he claims that it worked for his IDT device. But his one was already in the plist of the AppleHDAHardwareConfigDriver.kext, but still he patched the codec-id in AppleHDA and modified the plist of layout 12. http://deviato.wordpress.com/2010/06/19/10...-driver-update/ I failed with this as you did. Then tried modifying layout 16392 because it also had the HDMI codec in it. Still no avail. Good luck for your further work, please share your findings!!! Tom
  2. Bitte um hilfe (Hp Compaq 615)

    Hallo Toby, ich hab bei dem HP 311c diese Karte gehabt und mir dann eine solche besorgt: Dell DW 1510 Mini Wireless-N Card 802.11n Die wird von OSX sofort unterstützt, aber beim HP 311c gibt es ein BIOS mit Whitelist, d.h. ich musste das gepatchte BIOS von Icelord installieren. Ich hab noch eine dieser Karten bei mir liegen, wenn Du sie willst 20 € - melde Dich per PM. Oder Du bestellst sie hier http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...em=280480038926 Gruss Tom
  3. @Mowgli Are you using a distinct version of the OCTuner as for A330ION? Maybe we should wait until the next full moon before again tinkering with OC? ;-)
  4. FYI - latest 10.6.4 Build 10F46 works as well. I saw no errors in the system.log from sleep about USB. However, I had booted off the external USB drive. There were just 2 lines about successful awakening from sleep. By the way, what benefit do I get from using VoodooPS2Controller? Is there better touch support - using the scroll area is just a pain... Cheers
  5. FYI - 10.6.4 Build 10F37 works. I use a NBI setup. After updating NBI kicked in and changed the Extra-Folder and patched AppleHDA etc.. Reverting to below setting (from HF4 and HF6) and removing AppleHDA, all is now working. Have to check for Sleep and HDMI-audio for any changes over the weekend. If I remove both PS2 extensions and use only VoodooPS2 either in E/E or S/L/E the keyboard and trackpad don't work at all. Any guess? E/E AppleACPIBatteryManager.kext AppleACPIPS2Nub.kext ApplePS2Controller.kext CPUIDOverride.kext CPUIDSymbols.kext CPUInjector.kext fakesmc.kext S/L/E VoodooHDA.kext
  6. HP Mini 311 - Support Questions/Requests PART II

    @samsn - I've had this too, so I reverted back to the larger ApplePS2Controller.kext from HF4. However, if you follow http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...0&start=140 it seems that VoodooPS2 is possibly stable enough that you can drop the other PS2 kexts soon.
  7. HP 311 & NetbookBootMaker / NetbookInstaller

    @phubai I don't think it is necessary to reformat, just if you want to get rid of the EFI-Partition. My setup is using NBI as well and I now use only the extensions like MowgliBook's. I try to keep the S/L/Extensions folder clean, only VoodooHDA is there at the moment. Good luck Tom
  8. Just some feedback from the old continent, it seems we're currently more lucky. I started out with NBI and removed/replaced extensions from HF4, now HF5. Had to keep ApplePS2Controller.kext because the new one didn't recognize the touchpad. My Mini 311c is working with the following files from the HF5 E/E AppleACPIBatteryManager.kext AppleACPIPS2Nub.kext ApplePS2Controller.kext CPUIDOverride.kext CPUIDSymbols.kext CPUInjector.kext fakesmc.kext S/L/E VoodooHDA.kext I can confirm working Sleep with hibernatemode 3 and booting non verbose. Don't care about LAN, because I've got a Dell 1510 compatible card running. Keep the good work and many thanks! Tom