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  1. Yesterday I installed iBooks Author on my 10.7.2 VMWare install, but when I run it I get a blank panel where the editable area is supposed to be. The cursor even changes when I move over areas, but I can't see any of the text/images on a page. I have it running with 1.5GB of RAM and I've installed the latest VMWare Tools from the darwin.iso in the unlock-all package. I've included a screenshot to show what's happening. Has anyone else tried iBook Author in a VM? Anyone have any ideas what might be causing this? PS: I'm new to this forum and If this is the wrong place for this post, I humbly ask a mod to move it to the right one. Edit: The same thing appears to be happening in iPhoto. It shows the photo previews, but when I click a photo the photo area just goes to the grey background without displaying the image. I tried installing the VMsvga2 driver, but that didn't help either.
  2. Yeah, I saw it was still very new. I'll probably keep trying it out until it works Are there PCMCIA wireless cards you can get that work with Mac OS on the Dell? I'd rather not give Dell any more money right now, we have had a bit of a falling out... Also, does anyone else who has a 440x LAN card have connection issues after the network has been running for a while? It's almost like after it's transfered X amount of data it drops to about 2 or 3 Bytes per second (from the 1MB+/sec it had before). The only way I can get it back is to reboot, and then it works at full speed again for a while.
  3. I used it last night to install on my E1505. I now have everything working except for the wireless card. I'm pretty new to Mac OS (this is only the second time I have really used it). System specs: 2ghz Core Duo (Only using 1CPU) ATI x1400 (1400x1050 with all the 3d stuff) SigmaTel Audio (works but doesn't mute when you plug in headphones) Broadcom 440 (works great) Intel 4965AGN (only device not working, I've even tried the iwidarwin drivers) Has anyone else managed to get their 4965AGN wireless card to work?
  4. A few post-installation questions

    I have the same system as you and I was wondering if you could tell me which conbination of graphic drivers you used to get the x1400 to work. I'm using the same 1.4i install disc, The system boots fine and I can run it in console mode without any problems. I just get a black screen when it tries to switch to graphics mode. Also, does the on board network card work? and do I have to do anything special to enable it? Thanks EDIT: Ignore this message, I managed to get everything, except for the wireless card, working last night. My audio card is also doing the same thing yours is. If I manage to get it muting on headphones I'll let you know.