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  1. Hi Charred I was so inspired by your hot rod project so much that i decided to start one myself, even though the objectives were pretty different since i wanted to maximize the battery life, reduce laptop weight and heat dissipated while increasing performance ( sounds like a tall order, but my project looks like child's play when compared to yours) Anyway, i've read about your battery woes and actually manage to get a good deal from ebay. The seller provides 24month warranty, 30 day money back and free shipping. In fact i bought a 4400mAh grape32 but received a 4800mAh grape32 instead. Moreover, the battery was even under rated and i could squeeze 4831mAh out from the battery during real time usage. He sells it lower for USD34.90 now (''), when i bought it for USD38.80 just 2 weeks ago. http://cgi.ebay.com/Laptop-Battery-Acer-Ex...=item27acb74812 As for my project, it is a very lengthy post, and you can find it here http://forums.vr-zone.com/notebooks-netboo...sd-battery.html