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  1. First I just wanted to say thanks to all the people who have posted their issues and the people who have helped. This is only my second post because I have tried to figure out as much as I can using search but I have not found a good solution for this issue yet. I just tried installing Kalyway 10.5.2 to my 1 tb hd I partioned it as GUID 1 partition mac osx journaled I got the installation successful screen and then it says 30 seconds to reboot. I let the system reboot and it brings up the asus screen then goes to the boot screen and says something about loading darwin86 and 4 lines after that come up but nothing happens, it just goes back to the Asus screen I have tried everything I can find setting the partition to active, I have tried with the cd in, the cd out and still nothing. I have changed boot priority to put the hdd as 1st priority and no succcess. This is a fresh install on a system with no other OS on it. any help is greatly appreciated.
  2. Hey I followed your guide with no success I also tried the mylife install method with no success, both of them gave me the same result a blinking cursor at boot screen? setup is asus z8na dc with dual 2.27 xeon nehalems 2 128ssd 24gb of patriot ram not sure what else you need to know but ill be more than happy to answer because I am so tired of my machine just sitting there
  3. if you get a chance could you add my on msn, I am working on installing my retail osx on the same dual cpu setup as you but not getting a boot