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  1. Hey, first of all - thank you for your great work! I'm running on 10.7.2, using most of your kexts and your DSDT (with the VRAM-totalsize altered) for my T410 with the 256 MB Nvidia graphics and nearly everything is working perfectly. However, I do have some questions: - Which are all the things necessary for the battery indicator? For me, it is not working properly - it always tells me "calculating", "0% remaining" and that the notebook is running on battery, even if I have the AC adapter attached. Surprisingly, the battery actually is recognized - the System Profiler shows that, it can even tell the battery's manufacturer, the serial number, the FRU number, cycle count and the full charging capacity along with the battery condition. On the other side, information like voltage, current, design capacity and the actual charge level are missing - what I assume to be the cause for the missing battery indicator. I'm using the AppleACPIPlatform.kext and the VoodooBattery.kext from the ZIP archive in the first post, along with your newest DSDT. Did I forget to install something necessary for the indicator to work? - In general, there is a strange thing about the sensors of my T410. With the AppleACPIPlatform.kext and the DSDT from a T410-specific guide (http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=268801) I had the battery indicator, CPU and GPU temperature and the CPU multiplier (9.0x) visible in HWMonitor. With the kexts and the DSDT from your package, HWMonitor doesn't show anything, iStat Menus shows the temperature for CPU, CPU B and GPU, but no multiplier. The fan rpm reading has never been working for me, as well as there is no fan control. Where do I need to start working to fix these things? - Is the CPU clock shown correctly on your T510? My T410 sports an i5-520M which I just got to speedstep some hours ago, judging from the Cinebench performance and the temperature the CPU reaches. But still, sysctl, the System Profiler and CPU-X show the CPU clocking at 1.2 GHz, CPU-X shows the multiplier sitting at 0.0x and MSRDumper report no P-States to be reached. Do you have an idea what could be wrong here? - Is your NVS3100M switching between the different G-States? If it is, how did you get that working? Mine seems to be sitting at G-State 2 - which means a nearly perfect GUI, but slow-motion 720p playback and diashow-like 1080p playback Thank you really much! iYassin
  2. Lenovo T410 - Speedstep?

    I just set up a fresh installation of OS X 10.7 on my Lenovo Thinkpad T410 (i5-520M, Nvidia NVS3100M). Nearly everything is working finde - except some stuff linked with power management - to be exact, my installation is missing Speedstep, G-State-switching and the battery indicator - and fan control. For my T410, I'm using the DSDT from the T510 installation guide with the part on the Nvidia graphics card's memory changed for my 256MB card from the original 512 MB. For the guide's author, everything is working fine - but on my system, there is no Speedstep functionality at all. If I'm running on battery, the CPU clocks at 1.2 GHz, if I attach the AC power supply, it's switching between 1.2 GHz and 2.53 GHz (so it actually even turbo-boosts, which is quite strange). I'm also using the patched AppleLPC.kext with my LPC controller's vendor and device ID - and I ran the SpeedStepper Lion GM (as I'm on 10.7.0) on my AICPUPM file in the AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext. My boot.plist includes -allowAppleCPUPM for the kernel flags. Do you have an idea on what could be wrong with my installation for my Speedstep and G-State-switching to fail? I actually took all the stuff from the T510 installation thread and compared it with the W520 installation guide to match with my files in the important parts - what it actually does - as both users got their Speedstep working. Could it be that I'm on 10.7.0 and not on 10.7.2? My dsdt.aml is attached to this post. It would be really great if we could get my power management stuff working together! Thanks, iYassin DSDT.aml.zip
  3. Well, right now, the wireless connection is working. I did screw up my IO80211Family.kext this afternoon, so I booted up in safe mode, restored the original kext, ran Kext Utility and rebooted in verbose mode. The computer did freeze after the message "AirPort: Link Down on en1: unspecified reason: 0" and then "ATHR: unknown locale: 60", but these two do also show up if the computer does boot successfully. After freezing, I turned the computer off and booted again - and now, it's working. I'm online for half an hour now and have been pinging my server - and the card didn't make the computer freeze. I'm typing this post from the T410 connected via Wifi right now. But I'm sure that it will freeze again if I reboot the computer now. Obviously it's possible that the wireless card is working without making the computer freezing - so does anybody have an idea what I could do to get it working like now permanently? I'm even able to access the AirPort info in System Profiler now. The person who sold the card to me told me it would be an Atheros AR5418/5133 chipset on it, but System Profiler tells me the following: - Type: AirPort Extreme (0x168C, 0x33) - Firmware: Atheros 5416, - Locale: Unknown: - Country Code: <empty, it says nothing here> The info it gives me for "Type" is quite confusing for me - because if I use DPCIManager to get my wireless card's PCI ID, it tells me "168C:0024 - Atheros Communications - AR5008 Wireless Network Adapter" - but System Profiler shows "0x168C, 0x33" and AR5416 chipset - why don't the two applications give the same info on the wireless card?
  4. I hackintoshed a Lenovo ThinkPad T410, Core i5-520M, 2GB RAM, Nvidia NVS3100M. I got OS X 10.6.6 installed (with [url=&quot;http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/&quot;]#####[/url]/[url=&quot;http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/&quot;]#####[/url]) and so far, everything is running nice, but the ThinkPad has got an Intel 6200 Advanced-N wireless card built in, which is not supported by OS X. I did now turn it off in the BIOS and put an Atheros AR5418/5133 wireless card into the WWAN miniPCIe slot. Generally, it's supported OOTB by OS X and it is working, but not really smooth - there are some problems when using it: - Sometimes, the computer just freezes during boot when the WiFi connection is established. - Mostly, I can use the computer for one or two minutes, and even browse the web or download some files from my server - then it freezes and I have to restart it. - I can make the computer freeze instantly by using the AirPort menu (-> which makes the computer scan for wireless networks), the AirPort control panel or by accessing the "AirPort" info page in the System Profiler. - Sometimes, the computer gets a kernel panic instead of freezing - but they don't contain much more info than some memory addresses. I really don't know where the problem is. There are no hints in the console or somewhere else, the computer just freezes when using the wireless card. The card itself is working fine (checked that with an Ubuntu live CD). Changing the card against an original Apple Airport Extreme is not an option as the ThinkPad has a BIOS whitelist for WiFi cards and the mentioned Atheros card is the only one contained in the whitelist aside from Intel cards (and an unsupported one from Realtek). Can you tell me how to get the wireless card working without the problems mentioned above? This would be really great... Thanks in advance, iYassin
  5. Is one of the following WiFi cards working with OS X 10.6? - ThinkPad Wireless Adapter II b/g/n: Realtek RTL8192SE chipset - Intel Wireless-N 1000 - Intel Advanced-N 6200 - Intel Ultimate-N 6300
  6. Intel HD Graphics / GMA 5700

    Any news on this? Does anybody here already know what has to be done to make QE/CI work?
  7. Intel HD Graphics / GMA 5700

    I think so. If you just install the AppleIntelHDGraphics.kext, you will be able to boot, but graphics acceleration (QE) isn't working as the framebuffer kext is missing. If you load the AppleIntelHDGraphicsFramebuffer.kext too, your machine won'T boot any longer. I don't know anything about kext editing, so I can't tell you something about that.
  8. Intel HD Graphics / GMA 5700

    The problem seems to be that the kext wants to activate the MBP's Nvidia GeForce 330M GT graphics chip. As your notebooks don't have the Nvidia graphics built in, activating it is not possible, so the system fails at this point.
  9. Anything new about Core i5/GMA HD notebook hackintoshing?
  10. For wireless, you should be able to replace the Intel WiFi card with an Atheros-/Broadcom-chipset-based one. There are some original Apple Airport Express a/b/g/n miniPCIe cards out there which don't cause an error 1802 (unauthorized network card) during boot and which are working with the ThinkPad's Fn-F5 feature. If you would replace the Intel 6200N with that card, it should be working. -> Graphics: Maybe this here is an explanation for the graphics problems when enabling the IntelHD kexts: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=221375
  11. Great! Is Quartz Extreme working? @all: Now OS X 10.6.4 is out - did anyone else try hackintoshing a Core i5/GMA HD notebook with 10.6.4?
  12. Yes, you're right, they're almost the same price. I even have a new, unused MacBook Pro 13" (the new one, 2.4 GHz C2D) at home. It's a replacement device after Apple didn't manage to repair the broken trackpad of my old MacBook Pro for a month, and the whole replacement itself also lasted a month. I need my notebook every day, and I have no spare device, so if my main computer fails, I have my data saved on my server, but I can't work with it (iWork documents and Final Cut projects) on my Windows computers. If I wouldn't just have bought my great little IdeaPad S10e before my Macbook broke, I couldn't have worked with my data for two months. I own an old ThinkPad T41 and my Lenovo IdeaPad S10e, and they're just great. My old Macs (two Macintosh LC's) are great, too. But my new Mac failed after six months, and the Macbook of a friend of mine failed after a year. With a ThinkPad, I would have a great quality notebook, with really good next business day on-site support, with internal WWAN, with exchangeable battery, with a docking station and with the ability to change things like the keyboard without losing warranty - and I can get spare parts very cheap, even after five years. And, of course, the X201's processor (Core i5-540M) is far better than my MacBook Pro's Core 2 Duo P8600. If hackintoshing the X201 wouldn't work well, I'd have to stay with the Macbook Pro, but if it would work just as great as it does on my Ideapad, it would really be great. I hope it'll be working then... as I don't like downloading OS X DVD images from the internet that much, I'd like to use my own Snow Leopard disc... is it possible to create a slipstreamed install disk from my 10.6.0 disk with the 10.6.4 combo update integrated into it? Or would I have to buy a new install DVD?