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  1. @Zprood Do not waste too much time,hackintosh is not a "real" job.
  2. ACPI Backlight Driver

    Hi hotKoffy After wakeup from sleep, sometimes I can't adjust brightness. The brightness value changes in IOReg, but the brightness don't change. BTW, I'm using 10.7.2 Edit: When brightness adjusting is OK, your kext shows in the Kext Wizard and System Information When brightness adjusting is lost as I described before, your kext only shows in the Kext Wizard.
  3. ACPI Backlight Driver

    Thanks hotKoffy, after modified the _BCL, I fixed the issue I mentioned at post #28
  4. ACPI Backlight Driver

    Thanks man, I can use Fn+Delete(ScrLk) and Pause to adjust the brightness, it works perfect for me! But I still have a trouble about the hotkey. I modified the voodoops2keyboard, changed the scancode, and change the brightness down hotkey to PrtSc, and then something strange happened. I can't use the PrtSc to adjust the brightness to lowest level and some levels are missed, but Fn+Delete works well. The voodoops2keyboard source is in this thread . BTW, I'm using 10.6.7. Thanks.
  5. Hi gsly, I've modified the source code of AppleACPIBatteryManager to enable it in 64 bit mode and it works perfect, but I don't quite understand how to change the AppleACPIBatteryManager to the AppleSmartBatteryManager, and I just rename every classes name, and build it without any error, but the OSX do not load it. The source is attached below. I am really appreciated if you get some time to fixed it out. Thanks AppleACPIBatteryManager.zip
  6. RevoBoot

    Thanks for your reply. After change SAFE_MALLOC to 1, it shows "memory allocation error Addr=0x0, Size=0x800,File=Cache.c,Line=102".
  7. RevoBoot

    Hi guys, how to solve this issue "memory allocation error (0x0, 0x8000) ", I am using boot usb driver.My cpu is c2d t9400, and I use the GenerateCStates & GeneratePStates. And 3GB (2GB + 1GB) DDR3 1066Mhz memory, 2 memory slots on my laptop. Here is my config. #define ACPI_10_SUPPORT 0 #define PATCH_ACPI_TABLE_DATA 1 #define USE_STATIC_ACPI_BASE_ADDRESS 0 #if USE_STATIC_ACPI_BASE_ADDRESS #define STATIC_ACPI_BASE_ADDRESS 0x00000000 #endif #define STATIC_APIC_TABLE_INJECTION 1 #define STATIC_APIC2_TABLE_INJECTION 0 #define STATIC_DSDT_TABLE_INJECTION 1 #define STATIC_ECDT_TABLE_INJECTION 0 #define STATIC_FACS_TABLE_INJECTION 0 #define STATIC_HPET_TABLE_INJECTION 1 #define STATIC_SSDT_TABLE_INJECTION 1 #define STATIC_SSDT_GPU_TABLE_INJECTION 0 #define STATIC_SSDT_PR_TABLE_INJECTION 1 #define STATIC_SSDT_SATA_TABLE_INJECTION 0 #define STATIC_SSDT_USB_TABLE_INJECTION 0 #define LOAD_DSDT_TABLE_FROM_EXTRA_ACPI 0 #define LOAD_SSDT_TABLE_FROM_EXTRA_ACPI 0 #define LOAD_EXTRA_ACPI_TABLES (LOAD_DSDT_TABLE_FROM_EXTRA_ACPI || LOAD_SSDT_TABLE_FROM_EXTRA_ACPI) #define AUTOMATIC_SSDT_PR_CREATION 1 #if AUTOMATIC_SSDT_PR_CREATION #define MAX_NUMBER_OF_P_STATES 19 // Default of 15 normal plus 4 Turbo P-States (for desktop setups). // MSRDumper(@16): 16, 25, 28, 31, 34, 35, 36, 37 and 38 multi (YMMV). // Low power (mobility) processors might need an extended range! #define DROP_FACTORY_SSDT_TABLES 1 // Set to 1 by default (this setting is required). // // Note: Do not change this setting (must drop SSDT tables). #define NUMBER_OF_TURBO_STATES 0 // Set to 4 by default. #else #define DROP_FACTORY_SSDT_TABLES 0 // Set to 0 by default. Use 1 with caution (might disable SpeedStep). #endif #define OVERRIDE_ACPI_METHODS 0 #define REPLACE_EXISTING_SSDT_TABLES 0 #define APPLE_STYLE_ACPI 0 #define DEBUG_ACPI 0 //-------------------------------------------------------------------- BOOT.C ------------------------------------------------------------------ #define PRE_LINKED_KERNEL_SUPPORT 0 #define MUST_ENABLE_A20 0 #define SAFE_MALLOC 0 #define DEBUG_BOOT 0 //-------------------------------------------------------------------- CPU.C ------------------------------------------------------------------- #define USE_STATIC_CPU_DATA 0 #define CPU_VENDOR_ID CPU_VENDOR_INTEL // CPU_VENDOR_AMD is not supported. #define OC_BUSRATIO_CORRECTION 0 #define BOOT_TURBO_RATIO 0 #define DEBUG_CPU 0 #if DEBUG_CPU #define DEBUG_CPU_TURBO_RATIOS 0 // Set to 0 by default. Change this to 1 when you want to check the core ratio. #define DEBUG_CST_SUPPORT 0 // Set to 0 by default. Change this to 1 to check the in BIOS enabled C-States. #define DEBUG_TSS_SUPPORT 0 // Set to 0 by default. Change this to 1 to check the T-State Clock Modulation. #define DEBUG_CPU_TDP 0 // Set to 0 by default. Change this to 1 when you want to check the TDP. #endif //-------------------------------------------------------------- CPU/STATIC_DATA.C ------------------------------------------------------------- #define STATIC_CPU_Type 0x000 #define STATIC_CPU_NumCores 0 #define STATIC_CPU_NumThreads 0 #define STATIC_CPU_FSBFrequency 000000000ULL #define STATIC_CPU_QPISpeed 0 //-------------------------------------------------------------------- DISK.C ------------------------------------------------------------------ #define EFI_SYSTEM_PARTITION_SUPPORT 0 #define LEGACY_BIOS_READ_SUPPORT 0 #define DEBUG_DISK 0 //------------------------------------------------------------------ DRIVERS.C ----------------------------------------------------------------- #define DEBUG_DRIVERS 0 //-------------------------------------------------------------------- EFI.C ------------------------------------------------------------------- #define APPLE_STYLE_EFI 0 #define INJECT_EFI_DEVICE_PROPERTIES 1 #define EFI_64_BIT 1 #define STATIC_MODEL_NAME { 'M', 'a', 'c', 'B', 'o', 'o', 'k', 'P', 'r', 'o', '5', ',', '1' } #define STATIC_SMSERIALNUMBER "W8841NP21G0" #define STATIC_SYSTEM_SERIAL_NUMBER { 'W', '8', '8', '4', '1', 'N', 'P', '2', '1', 'G', '0' } #define STATIC_SYSTEM_ID { 0x00, 0x01, 0x02, 0x03, 0x04, 0x05, 0x06, 0x07, 0x08, 0x09, 0x0A, 0x0B, 0x0C, 0x0D, 0x0E, 0x0F } #define DEBUG_EFI 0 #define EFI_DEBUG_MODE 0 // Set to 0 by default (for OS X 10.7 LION only). //------------------------------------------------------------------ GRAPHICS.C ---------------------------------------------------------------- #define STATIC_SCREEN_WIDTH 1280 #define STATIC_SCREEN_HEIGHT 800 //------------------------------------------------------------------- SMBIOS.C ----------------------------------------------------------------- #define USE_STATIC_SMBIOS_DATA 1 #define OVERRIDE_DYNAMIC_MEMORY_DETECTION 1 #define OVERRIDE_DYNAMIC_PRODUCT_DETECTION 0 #if OVERRIDE_DYNAMIC_PRODUCT_DETECTION #define STATIC_SMBIOS_MODEL_ID IMAC #endif #define DEBUG_SMBIOS 1 //------------------------------------------------------------------ PLATFORM.C ---------------------------------------------------------------- #define STATIC_MAC_PRODUCT_NAME "MacBookPro5,1" #if USE_STATIC_SMBIOS_DATA // Do nothing. #elif OVERRIDE_DYNAMIC_MEMORY_DETECTION // Setup RAM module info. Please note that you may have to expand this when you have more RAM modules. #define STATIC_RAM_SLOTS 2 // Number of RAM slots on mainboard. #define STATIC_RAM_VENDORS { Samsung, Micron Technology, 0 } // Use N/A for empty RAM banks. #define DYNAMIC_RAM_OVERRIDE_TYPE 0 // Set to 0 by default. See libsaio/platform.h for supported values. #define DYNAMIC_RAM_OVERRIDE_SIZE 0 // Set to 0 by default. Change this to 1 when you want to use override values (see below). #if DYNAMIC_RAM_OVERRIDE_SIZE #define DYNAMIC_RAM_OVERRIDE_SIZES { SMB_MEM_SIZE_2GB, SMB_MEM_BANK_EMPTY, SMB_MEM_SIZE_2GB, SMB_MEM_BANK_EMPTY, 0 } // See libsaio/platform.h for other values. #endif #define DYNAMIC_RAM_OVERRIDE_FREQUENCY 1066 // Set to 0 by default. Change this to the frequency that you want to use as override value. #define STATIC_RAM_PART_NUMBERS { M471B5673EH1-CF8, 8JSF12864HY-1G1D1D1, 0 } // Use N/A for empty RAM banks. #define STATIC_RAM_SERIAL_NUMBERS { 85B71961#0, D842B73F#1, 0 } // Use N/A for empty RAM banks. #endif #define INCLUDE_MPS_TABLE 0 #define DEBUG_PLATFORM 1 //===================================================================== END ==================================================================== Really appreciate your help.
  8. UPDATED 20.12. GenericBrightness.kext

    Thanks ! On my laptop, the genericbrightness.kext is needed,too. Maybe I should do more research on this "delay" issue to fix it.
  9. UPDATED 20.12. GenericBrightness.kext

    @ivik & @JBraddock Hi, do you have any idea about the "pwm-info"? I find that brightness of led can adjust by the pwm, that is Pulse Width Modulation, so I think the OS read the pwm info from the @0,pwm-info and use it for our led screen. Am I right? If so, we can inject the pwm info of our own led screen, but how to get the pwm info? On my laptop, after pressing the hotkeys, the brightness does not change immediately, it needs 0.5~1 second to adjust. I don't why? Could you give me some tips?
  10. me too hundreds of FireWire GUID 00d0510000000001 is invalid! in kernel log.
  11. Lenovo G550

    @Hacktrix2006 How about your sound card cx20561? What kext do you use?The AppleHDA or the VoodooHDA? I have patched an AppleHDA from 10.6.2, and it works great, no sound assertion anymore in snow leopard. But now I use the Lion, the old 10.6.2 AppleHDA can run on the Lion, but I prefer a new version, I mean the new AppleHDA in lion. I can get it work after patching, but lots of sound assertion.Do you have some good news on this issue? BTW, you may ask me some question about the DSDT, I mean, I have an account in the PCBETA forum you provided in the link. sorry for my poor english
  12. UPDATED 20.12. GenericBrightness.kext

    Really? This kext works very well on both 10.6 & 10.7 on my laptop.
  13. Lion is Officially OUT!

    Thanks, I think you mean this thread .Those command do fix the CMOS reset, but the LID sleep still does not work. I think the AppleAPCIPlatform changes a lot, after replacing AppleACPIPlatform from 10.6.8,LID sleep works. I am really wired why some laptop can LID sleep, but some cannot?
  14. Lion is Officially OUT!

    Hi guys, do you have a problem with the LID/clamshell sleep? In snow leopard, everything works fine, but in Lion the LID sleep does not work, though this issue can be fixed by replacing the AppleACPIPlatform in 10.6.8. Any suggestion? Thanks in advance.