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  1. That's really not that hard to do with AppleScript. As a matter a fact, I just trashed a script that I was working on that did this for all media files: music --> $home/Music photos --> $home/Pictures video --> $home/Movies I trashed it because I never used it the way it was ment to be used. I got the idea from th Mac OS X (Panther Edition) Bible. I could throw one together again if I get a minute, and post the code here. I just kept finding myself manually moving my files where I wanted from the desktop by "spring loaded" folders, or dock shortcuts. Not sure if it was habbit or just easier.
  2. Vista Installed

    Question: If I recreate the 200MB s1, (EFI Partition), after I finish installing Vista, can I re-add it. The run a repair on Vista again? Or maybe re-add it after the first Vista reboot, and then run the Vista repair from the DVD?
  3. Hibernation As BootCamp Usefulness Enhancer

    in the Macdrive settings.. set to read only.
  4. Games Anyone?

    Just spent an hour playing GTA San Andeas. Ran better than it ever did on my HT 2.8 GHz P4 with a Gig of DDR2 and a GeForce 5500
  5. Triple Boot?

    The solution for booting Triple booting on Linux/Windows/OS X is quit simple. Althow, I have not tried it, so I'm probably 100% wrong. Here goes: After setting up Boot Camp, and installing XP, (say on a 40 GB partition), boot into XP, setup all your drivers, and install acronis partition manager. Resize your XP partition to 20 GB, leaving the rest as free space. Next boot off your faavorite linux distro, and install usining grub as the boot managar for linux. VERY IMPORTANT: DO NOT INSTALL GRUB TO THE MASTER BOOT RECORD, BUT INSTALL IT TO YOUR LINUX BOOT PARTITION. After the install is finished, reboot off the linux install CD or any live linux cd, and mount your / partition, and your /boot partition in read/write mode. type dd of=/dev/sda6 if=/bootsect.lnx bs=512 count=1 (/dev/sda6 will be your /boot partition of a your extended partition map) Reboot into Windows XP and use a program like extfs explorer to mount and read your linux partitions. Extract the file bootsect.lnx to the root ov your drive C:\ edit your boot.ini and C:\bootsect.lnx="My Linux Distro" Make sure you have set the boot time out to a seficiant time to choose between OS'es or you can hit the F8 key befor XP boot's. This will alow you to chose Linux, and boot to grub, and then load Linux. Like I said, I haven't tried this, but I will this evening. But after installing XP on my iMax, and now installing it on my Macbook, I'm pretty damn sure it will work. Of course driver support will be a pain in the ass. Good Luck!
  6. OSX 10.4.6 update

    Installed the update on my MacBook and my 20" intel iMac. Both are working fine. Had to rebless the xom.efi file. (Good thing is, Apple finally fixed the Disk Utility so it identifies file permissions correctly.) Nothing bad so far on both systems.
  7. Clock Settings

    But when I'm mobile, I don't always have web access.
  8. Windows time different from OS X

    I think this has been coverd before, but what is the fix/workaround for the time change when booting to Windows from OS X?
  9. The Great Driver Hunt

    I so agree with you Darkten. Let's face it, progress has ben much slower than it should have been.
  10. Define partition in free space

    I actually have a question for your question. Does an OS X swap partition make a differance in performance? (I already have 2 Gigs of RAM in both my intel macs, but I'm always down for overkill.)
  11. I Feel Dirty

    I have mutiple PC's. Before dual booting I was/am using term service's for Windows, and Xnest for Suse. I want to just use one computer. Too much maint. for all of them. That's why I would rather be using virtualization. Oh, and the KVM is a no go for my intel iMac. I have synergy to share my mouse and keyboard between my systems.
  12. I Feel Dirty

    I thought I wanted to run Windows on my Mac, but even if there were all the correct drivers, I still don't like it. I don't play games, so no biggie there. I really only have a few apps I need windows for. In the last year I've moved all of my software to OS X, and/or Open Source. I guess what I really want is virtualization. I don't like rebooting to an OS that I don't like just to run an app. I think Windows should stay wher it belongs... "IN A WINDOW" But maybe that's just me.
  13. The Great Driver Hunt

    This is true. WHat if someone just founf a solution 10 mins ago, and was getting ready to post it. Then talk of $$ and contests made him decide to wait.
  14. The Great Driver Hunt

    no more contests... might take another 3 months