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  1. losmuertos

    Snow Leopard And Evga Gtx 295

    BTW, off topic again but if anyone in the future ever comes looking for answers to the 7950 GX2 issues, I got none... I finally just replaced the card with a GTS 250 and it works perfectly out of the box
  2. losmuertos

    Search within thread not working?

    I can confirm. Searched the Tiger-Post-Installation sticky for "sleep" and got 5 pages of results. Newest was like June 2008. If you look at the actual thread, one of the posts on the last page from 2010 has the word sleep.
  3. losmuertos

    Snow Leopard And Evga Gtx 295

    Once again, thanks for another thougtful reply. I've only got a few minutes here because i get to go help some friends move today I have found out quite a bit more info since my last post, and I'll definitely take a look at the posts you linked here. Since my last post I actually have the card working at least to the extent of getting all the resolutions enabled and what looks to be system profiler recognizing both gpus, but I still have no QE/CI. When I have more time tonight or tomorrow I will start a new thread as you suggested and hopefully get this card working! I'll refer to some of the info here and post some of the knowledge I've gained in the meantime. I expect this and the other thread I create will be a good resource for future hackers trying to get multi-gpu single slot cards going in os x.
  4. losmuertos

    Snow Leopard And Evga Gtx 295

    ANARCHiNTOSH: The link on mediashare for the pack you provided hasn't been working since last night. Luckily I had downloaded one on my real macbook pro and was able to share it on the network. No offense to you intended, but that site appears to be *total* {censored} Popups galore and super slow download, if the download even works at all. I can offer to host the file on my site, "forever" if need be. I've had a web-hosting account for about 6 years and it's never been down in that time. I don't use it for much but my wife uses it for some personal and business sites, so I'll be holding onto it most likely until the entire internet disappears. Let me know if you want me to host or at least mirror it.
  5. losmuertos

    Snow Leopard And Evga Gtx 295

    I can tell you one thing that you're absolutely wrong about: that this info is some how "too much" or too "dev-vy". Quite the contrary, this is exactly what I've been looking for! I think you've set me on the write track here. Just reading your script before posting here gave me about 100x more information than I had been able to find up to that point, and this post gives me a path forward. In answer to your two questions, yes I have tried graphics enabler, and unfortunately just got a flashing blue screen after installing myhack bootloader combo after os x install. So I disabled graphics (went into VESA mode) and have been working on researching a solution for quite a long time now. FYI, I am able to boot with the card installed just fine, as long as I don't try the graphicsEnabler option in chameleon. So I think my next steps will be like this: 1. Try the first method you suggested and just predict the 2nd gpu's address. I have no examples from others card's to work from, but I may get lucky and find that the scheme is similiar to the gtx 295 and get it working with relatively little hassle. 2. Try your second method which actually doesn't sound too difficult, just more steps. Once I get to that point is there a particular tool or thread that you could point me to that would help enable me to convert my addresses into an efi string? Thanks a ton, I actually was surprised at the thoughtfulness and the amount of info able you've been able to provide!
  6. losmuertos

    Snow Leopard And Evga Gtx 295

    Hi there ANARCHiNTOSH, I've been taking a look at your script in an attempt to get my XFX 7950 GX2 enabled in SL 10.6.0. I'm a coder so I can understand what's going on there. However, I don't know a lot about osx86 and have almost no clue WHY things are being done. My train of thought is that the 7950 GX2 is a similiar type of card in that it has dual gpu's plugged into one PCI Express slot. Do you think there's a possiblilty that I could modify the hard coded values for the xml file that gets generated to suit my card and use this method to get mine up and running? If so, do you have any ideas on what that would involve? Thanks for any help you can provide!
  7. losmuertos

    Search within thread not working?

    Sometimes it works... usually only once though. It's insanely irritating, because a lot of the threads on here go for a bazillion pages and I'm only looking for some highly specific information. This is what usually happens: Click on topic scroll to bottom type keywords in search box at this point i sometimes get results if it did work the first time and I click back and search again, or search on any other thread in another tab, I usually get: Sorry, an error occurred. If you are unsure on how to use a feature, or don't know why you got this error message, try looking through the help files for more information. The error returned was: There was an error processing the request. Please go back and try again, or contact an administrator for assistance. connection to unix:///var/socketproxy/insanelymac.com/searchd:0 failed (errno=2, msg=No such file or directory)
  8. losmuertos

    XFX GeForce 7950 GX2 XXX 1024GB

    Has anyone been able to get a 7950 GX2 working in Snow Leopard 10.6.0? I've been banging my head against the wall for days trying to figure out whether this is possible. I was able to get SL up and running on my box using the MyHack installer with GraphicsDisabler. So I'm currently running in VESA mode @1024x768x32. Needless to say, it looks pretty crappy and I'm pretty sure there's no hardware acceleration going on because graphics are sloooooow Any tips on what I can do to get this going? This thread and everything else I've been able to find on the 7950 or even the 9800 GX2 seem to end with Leopard. I can't seem to find anyone saying how to get a card like this running in SL... I'd really rather not have to buy a new card, because it's still a great card for me in windows and it seems like a waste, but I'm about ready to if I can't find an answer soon. I'd really like to have a nice dual or triple boot machine that runs well in all OS's (OS X SL, Win7, Linux).
  9. losmuertos

    Search within thread not working?

    same problem here